Lofa County Traditional Leaders Gown, bestow Chieftaincy Title On PUL President

PUL President, Charles Coffey being gowned by traditional leaders in Lofa County

The President of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL), Charles B. Coffey Jr., during the celebration of the Union’s 57th Anniversary in Lofa County was honored by traditional leaders in the county given a traditional title as Chief Tarnue Kollie.

The colorful event which took place in Voinjama City in observing of the PUL anniversary brought together traditional leaders of the county as journalists joyously witnessed, the Chairman of the Lofa County Traditional Council, Wolobah Dorbor poured praises on the PUL President for the level of work done under his leadership.

After the gowning program, PUL President (center) and officials of the county

Mr. Coffey was gowned with a traditional attire the Wolobah Dorbor and the spokesperson of the Lofa Traditional Council Ma Wata Kamara, in observance of Traditional protocol,  the gown was presented to  Lofa County Superintendent  William Tamba Kamba who  subsequently placed the gown on the PUL President,  Mr Coffey.

In their separate statements at the program, the traditional leaders lauded the PUL President for what they called his steadfast leadership and the promotion of Press Freedom, Freedom of expression and social justice.

Highlights from the PUL anniversary celebrations in Voinjama City, Lofa County

The Traditional leaders further praised Mr Coffey for the decentralization of the Press Union, especially taking the PUL anniversary celebrations to Lofa County despite the deplorable or critical road conditions across the country, also acknowledged the PUL President for ensuring that the media highlights development projects and programs.

According to the traditional title,Tarnue Kollie, is normally bestowed on  a good leader as traditional authority, meaning  deputy Town Owner. The honor was bestowed on Mr Coffey during an indoor program of the PUL 57th anniversary celebrations in Voinjama City Lofa County, on September 30, 2021. On Saturday Mr Coffey also visited Lawalasu, a Traditional Town in Lofa County where he was welcomed.

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