Lofa County “Redeemer” – Tamba D Aghailas, accepts petition to Contest the Midterm Senate race

On September 1st, a cross spectrum of Lofa County citizens petitioned Tamba Aghailas who aims to contest the much talked about Senate race as Independent Candidate.

The well-organized petition ceremony held on September 1, 2020 in Voinjama City, Lofa County was led by the Aspirant’s support group, Friends of Tamba Aghailas, who hailed from all districts and representing all tribes of the county.

The County Chairman, Lawrence Nyormui expressed on behalf of the candidate, their thanks and appreciation to all governors, chiefs, elders, District leaders, auxiliary heads, partners, delegates, guests, the media, and supporters who made long journeys to Voinjama to grace the historic occasion.

He furthered stated that “The People of Lofa County have resolved to ensure that Tamba D Aghailas, a noble and honorable son of the soil, is elected on December 8, 2020 as Senator of Lofa County.

He is a traditional Uncle of Lofa and he is the only candidate in the race who comes with clean hands and who will UNIFY our people and put the agenda of Lofa County forefront.

He will lead Lofa once again to regain our historic role in the body politics of our country.”

In his petition acceptance speech, Mr. Aghailas went back in history to take page from Liberia’s civil war and chronic underdevelopment and the reckless abandon of Lofa County roads, once the bread basket of the nation, which has hampered agricultural productivity.

“It is time for Lofa County to lead once more,” He told the crowd of over 1,000 who filled tents at his movement’s headquarters.

“We are tired of being forgotten by our own; we are tired of being lied to every election cycle; and we are tired of being in the mud, year-in and year out.

This is why when we are elected as Senator, we will champion the cause of our people and give Lofa County a voice. We will fight for Lofa County and for our people.

And we will ensure that not only Lofa will contribute its quota to national development, but we’ll ensure that Lofa County gets its fair share of the National Cake to cater to our development needs,” he stressed.

He said that his campaign’s momentum was building up and he called on sons, daughters of Lofa and all friends and supporters to lend a hand at this critical moment.

He has also invited a few friends from the Diaspora who are currently in the country assisting his team with creating a development profile for the county. With such a media profile, Lofa County will be put on the world map and on the world wide web. The profile will be used as a baseline in lobbying much needed development aid.

“We must ensure that the Senate seat is captured on December 8th so as to provide us a greater platform to advocate and adequately represent the people of Lofa County with the utmost integrity and accountability,” he concluded.

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