Local Radio Station In Lofa County Burns  Completely To Ashes

Radio Kitoma in Voinjama, Lofa County in flames…

LOFA COUNTY – Radio Kitoma in Voinjama, Lofa County was early Saturday morning 23rd of April precisely 4 am burned down to arches.

According to the Station Manager Mr. Tokpa Tarnue, there was no electricity in the building at the time of the incident adding the station went off by 10 pm Friday.

As of yet, the cause of the fire remains unknown as both the generator and solar power were off when the incident occurred. According to reports gathered, the only announcer on duty remains confused as to how the fire incident occurred.

Meanwhile, Liberia Forest Media Watch (LFMW), a group of investigative journalists reporting on the forestry sector, is calling on the Press Union of Liberia, the National Fire Service, and international partners to investigate the fire accident amid suspicion of a deliberate attack.

“We stand with Radio Kintoma as one of the Relay Stations of our Forest Hour Radio program.”

Also, Momo Cyrus Campaign Team has issued a statement on the fire incident at Radio Kintoma.

The statement said: “Mr. Momo Cyrus is deeply saddened by reports of a fire incident at Radio Kintoma, said to have occurred at about 4:00 A.M. today, which substantially impaired the structural integrity of the building housing the station, and destroyed all broadcasting equipment and everything within it.”

“We all recall the very significant role the station has played in the development and reconciliation drive of our county over the years and quite regret that such a disaster could come to test our collective resolve at this crucial time.”

“We have spoken with the management of the station and offered our statement of solidarity support and will remain directly engaged with them as they embark upon rebuilding.”

“Meanwhile, we urge our national and local authorities to launch a swift and thorough investigation into the incident to establish the exact cause of the fire and the circumstances around the incident. This investigation will be important in ensuring accountability and the implementation of stronger mechanisms to detect and prevent such occurrences.”

“Together, we will certainly rise stronger from these ruins.”

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