Local Pastor In Ganta, Nimba County Heals ‘Madman’ In The Presence Of Dozens Of Worshipers

From Musa Moore Sherman | GNN Correspondent in Nimba County|

Patrick, the man who was reportedly healed from ‘Madness’

It was indeed amazing in the City of Ganta, Nimba County on Friday, July 3, 2020, when a ‘Madman’ commonly call ‘Crazy Man’ was healed of his madness during the spiritual performance of a local Church Pastor from the Faith Deliverance Prayer and Healing Ministry in Ganta.

According to our Correspondent in Nimba County, the crazy man only identified as Patrick had in his madness for over 25 years, fortunately he was rescued by what the Senior Pastor of the Church who performed the wonder in the presence of dozens of onlookers who appeared excited of the performance of what they described as the work of ‘Blessed Holy Ghost.’

Patrick being checked by a nurse at the clinic

Many of those who witnessed the miracle hour of the Church’s Senior Pastor,  Augustine Saye Tuayan, expressed thanks and appreciation for his spiritual work to rescue Patrick who was also overwhelmed of his healing.

Pastor Augustine Saye Tuayan of the Faith Deliverance Prayer and Healing Ministry in Ganta

Speaking to the GNN, Pastor Tuayan explained that why they were on their Friday afternoon prayers in the Church, the man who appeared crazy was arrested by the Holy Spirit from nowhere and enters the Church while service was going on.

‘Crazy Patrick’ as he is popularly call by many usually appeared  half-naked and always laughing, was this time seen on that day sitting in a normal position at the edifice of the Faith Deliverance Prayer Center  explaining that he cannot understand where he was and why there were crowds around him.

Immediately after he received his healing Patrick was rushed at a local Clinic in Ganta  for medical checkups, after that, he was tested  Negative of Malaria with a normal mental status restored.

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