Local Micro-Finance Group Calls For Collective Approach …. To Resuscitate the Economy

One of Liberia’s trusted enterprising micro-finance loan entities known as the Bukonjadeh Group of Companies led by its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Elton Datee Johns says, all Liberians must come together and bury all of their differences that may exist and collectively, individually move forward to build the country economically and infrastructurally .

The micro-finance loan group, Bukonjadeh Loan Group, believes that only Liberians can build their own economy and improve the business sector in line with President Dr. George Manneh Weah’s call that Liberians should charge of their own economy and should not be back standers or spectators in their own economy.

Mr. Johns noted that hauling and pulling is not the solution to Liberian social and economic problems, but through exercising courage, resilience and sincerity as well as above all patriotism that the new generation of young people can triumph over greed, political manipulation, economic difficulties to better their lives.

According to the Bukonjadeh’s CEO, Mr. Johns his company remains ever determined and committed to meeting the aspirations and needs of its many customers in its micro-finance loan program.

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