LNCRF Ends a County Tour visit in Bong

By Emmanuel Mafelah |

The Speaker of the Liberian National Children’s Representative Forum has concluded a county wide tour in Bong County.

Speaking in an interview with this paper in Gbarnga, Bong County at the one of the campuses, Speaker Jutomue Doetein during his tour in the county he was able to spend some times teaching children their rights and responsibilities.

The Child rights advocate said during his tour in the county he was able to visit schools and orphanage homes to explain to children and parent the 2011 children’s law of Liberia.

According to Speaker Doetein in 2011 the Government of Liberia crafted the 2011 children’s law and it was later passed in 2012, adding that the purpose of the law is to protect the rights of all children in the country.

He said sadly, since the law was passed there hasn’t been more awareness and because of the lack of awareness children rights have seriously been violated over the years in Liberia.

Meanwhile the Liberian National Children’s Representative Forum Speaker Jutomue Doetein said during his in the county him was able to deal with Charter 3 of the Law, which talks about the right to Education, The right to life, the right to good health, the right to participate in decision that affects them and many others talked about in the children law.

“During my tour in the county I met with street children, children in orphanages, children in schools, children in mosque and churches. Children were happy to have learned their rights and responsibilities. I also educated them about the United Nations Convention on the rights of a child,” Speaker Doetein said.

Speaker Doetein said he thought of coming to the rural areas of Liberia, because there the rights of children have been highly violated in the various counties, noting that children have been raped; killed and most of them are not in schools.

He said such tour was conducted in Margibi county were children were tough on their right and responsibilities in that part of the country.

The well articulated child right advocate at the same time vowed that under his leadership he will decentralize his advocacy in turn of visiting various counties in the country.

He believes that by doing that will afford him firsthand information on the violation of children right in Liberia.

According to Doetein children right are being violated on the day basic in the various county across the country, adding that it is now time that parents seen their children as the next future leaders of the country.

“We have been following some of the cases were a mother put fire in her child hand because that child ate  her  lift over food and another child hand was bruin again because that child took fifty Liberian dollars behind her mother ,” he adds.

He further stated that his office is currently following a case in Margibi county where a litter boy hand was bruin again in that county.

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