LIMANY Issues Position Statement On Justice Ja’neh’s Impeachment Proceedings

Abraham Turay, President – The Liberian Mandingo Association of New York (LIMANY)

Is JUSTICE Being PURSUED by the Lawmakers or are they in Pursuit to single out Associate Justice Kabineh J’aneh in the nuclear waste of corruption and injustice that have contaminated and continues to consume the moral fabric of Liberia? The Liberian Mandingo Association of New York (LIMANY) hopes and prays that our honorable lawmakers are not making mockery of the Liberian Constitution by staging a bogus impeachment.

Impeachable offenses are clearly defined by the Liberian constitution and of course injustice is neither the least. Justice J’aneh is accused of an act that is allegedly common among equals and the other two branches of the government in yesterday and today Liberia. All need to be treated equally under the Liberian law. In the case, “J’aneh vs the State”, LIMANY is asking that our Lawmakers act responsibly and use this opportunity to establish a sense of right and fairness.

When one takes a look at a series of wrongful events, some of which require strong legislative inquiries and actions and our lawmakers have not taken any convincing steps to address any. Their silence raises some concerns and makes one to wonder about the real motive of this impeachment proceeding. First of all; a fact-check on asset declaration of the Five Supreme Judges and a very high percentage of all elected and appointed officials could lead to a tsunami of impeachments.

Here we are with elected and appointed officials that have allegedly committed economic crimes against the country and have used their stolen goods to buy political influence with impunity.

Some have used it to get elected as legislators, we have people that are illegally sitting on other people’s properties with impunity, we have unresolved deaths of prominent and none prominent people,  a member of the legislator is accused of raping a 12 year old girl. Last but not the least, do the Liberian lawmakers not think that the stolen sixteen billion dollars from the Liberian people is an impeachable act that requires some legislative actions. No, the accused are not Ja’neh .

Our nation should know from history, gross injustice leads to social discontent and creates a wedge between civility and decorum. Nine out of ten times reasoning takes a backseat and violence becomes inevitable. Let us, therefore not be judgmental in rushing to judgment because the name is Jan’eh, especially so when we think, the best way of looking at a chain of critical issues is to set the proper perspectives, indicate the chain of events and their characteristics and above all, , if it is to be treated responsibly.

Fellow Liberians, a true and pure justice is not choreographed, singled out, cherry-picked to target a particular person or a group. It could potentially create bad blood or indignation. When a person or a group becomes indignant, there’s no more room for reasoning. The atmosphere becomes fermented with hate, cynicism and distrust, it transforms itself into a distasteful social discontent. Please let us be mindful and careful as we have so much to gain when we handle “J’aneh vs the State” or “Weah vs the State” justly and a lot to lose when we pollute the atmosphere with shenanigans and hypocrisies. There is nothing more dangerous to the security of a nation than INJUSTICE and CORRUPTION.

By Abraham Turay


The Liberian Mandingo Association of New York


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