LiMA Clarifies Report On Imposition Of Sanctions On Several Liberian-Registered Shipping Companies By U.S.

Mr. Lenn Eugene Nagbe, LiMA Boss

The Liberia Maritime Authority (“LiMA”) clarifies a recent publication alleging that the United States has recently imposed sanctions on several Liberian-registered shipping companies. LiMA rejects this information which is misleading and inaccurate.

The vast majority of the entities referred to in the publication named were non-shipping corporations sanctioned back in 2013 and were immediately stricken from the Liberia Maritime and Corporate Registry (“the Registry”) in keeping with standard practice.   Also, three non-shipping corporations were sanctioned in 2019, and similarly, they were immediately annulled.

The Registry has a world class compliance apparatus devoted to preventing and addressing any and all potential violations of the United Nations and United States sanctions regimes and international standards. The compliance program remains a reference point by the government of the United States and world security agencies across the globe. It is for this reason various national registries throughout Africa, South America and the Pacific have solicited the Registry to consult on implementing similar sanction compliance program.

The Liberian Registry is therefore currently under absolutely no sanctions from the United States.

The Liberian Registry remains committed to global efforts aimed at combating terrorism financing, narcotics trafficking and compliance with international sanctions policies, while safeguarding interests of our clients. We also remain true to our record of excellence, safety and efficiency that has been The Registry’s hallmark for many decades.

The Liberian Registry is proud of the integrity and professionalism of its operations. As the fastest growing and second largest in the world, we are focused on the goal of impeccable service delivery as we strive to once again become the world’s largest Registry.

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