LibX Records Foundation Launches Musical Video Produced By ‘Disadvantaged Liberians’ As They Say No To Drugs

As part of its contributions toward rehabilitating and making ‘disadvantaged Liberians’ alias ‘zogos’ productive citizens, LibX Records Foundation Monday December 27, 2021 launched a very educative musical video produced by ‘disadvantaged Liberians.’ Lib and X Label in America merged to be called LibX Records Foundation.

The musical video is code named “Say no to drugs; from grass to grace, all stars”.  The video features some of the talented disadvantaged Liberians or zogos who showed to the nation and the world over that all is not lost for them as evidenced by their correlations, melodies and articulations in the music. The video features Monique, Elijah David alias ‘Nila B’, Min. Anita Wontee alias “Lady Piso” among others.

Established May 2020, LibX Records Foundation seeks to stop the stigma associated with generation “zogos” and work with the individuals to build their talents.

The humanitarian organization in achieving its targets uses several phases. They include talent hunt which goes after the gifted members of the ghettos and slums and identify their talents, transition them person from the ghettos to suitable living conditions, provide mentorship by assigning counselors and mentors to assist with mental and physical transitions.

​Others include a placement program which educates, trains, challenges and grows the individuals in their specific areas of skills and ensure sustainability which includes plan conferences and retreats to foster continual education and growth both mentally and physically.

Speaking at the launch of the video, the Chief Executive officer (CEO) of LibX Records Foundation, Madam Miatta L. Kamara alias ‘Lady Love’ said  they are committed to building a generation of elite, talented young men and women across the nation, transforming them from generation “zogo” to valuable and competent members of society.

“If you give a hungry man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a hungry man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime,” she said.

Recounting how her dream started, Madam Kamara said “It started last year. I lived near a very notorious ghettoe and I was afraid of the ghettoe. But we started working with them providing hot meals, they helped me; washed for me, taking care of me. My destiny helper lives in America and he said he wants to make Liberia a zogo free nation. And he said he wants to make music through video to make Liberians at risks or disadvantaged youth productive and I said I know they have talents because I work with them.”

“I visited Zimbabwe and I distributed the flyers and we started going live. The ghettoes get talents. Lib and X Label in America merged to be called LibX Records Foundation. It is a community based organization to help citizens from the ghettoes,” she said.

Also speaking, the Chairman of LibX Records Foundation, a Liberian based in the United States of America, Mr. Bexter Richardson pledged his unflinching supports in working with the ‘disadvantaged Liberians’ to make them productive citizens that Liberia and other countries can depend for their talents.

Mr. Richardson said “We started working with these few at risk youth.  We are class, we are not giving up. You cannot leave the ghettoes and you still in the ghettoes. Be transformed by the minds first. Proverb 18:16 says a man’s gift makes rooms for him and brings him in front of great men. LibX Records Foundation intent is to take them from the streets and present them to great men. If we must change Liberia, we must go after their gifts and present them for greatness before men.”

“In 2022, we want to make rooms for them to eat and provide for them to fend on their own. So they will be fisher of men. Make use of the opportunity provided because it is about Liberia and not about me,”

For his part, candidate Elijah David alias ‘Nila B’ said “I am so proud now. I got in the street by peer pressure and I teamed up with someone who has little resources. I want my friends to leave the ghettoes or else they wouldn’t realize their plans. I was singing before going to the ghettoes. I was not with my parents and my friend and I started taking drugs at the age of 8 and I am now twenty-six. I can assure LibX Records Foundation and our Chairman that I wouldn’t go back.”

Another candidate, Minister Anita Wontee alias “Lady Piso” also joined her colleague to praise the organization for positively impacting her life.

She said “I want to appreciate God for bringing people to our lives. There are lots of good people in the ghettoes. I am happy to see our chairman. I use to preach in the streets and the devil came in and manipulated me.  I was five years when I was singing before going to the ghettoes, but now my mother is so happy. My boyfriend initiated me and I was in the ghettoes because I was selling drugs. I had my child while in the ghettoes. LibX Records Foundation through God has been very good and I now have flat screen and other materials in my room. I am making my own money. We need to be talked to, counseled and help.”

Meanwhile, speaking at the program, Grand Bassa County Electoral District #5 Representative Thomas Goshua, one of the Advocates in making the Drugs Law nonbailable expressed happiness for the opportunity provided by the organization.

Representative Goshua said “I am the progenitor of the amendment to the drug law that was just passed by the House of Representatives. I first heard about the word zogos in 2015.  For a very long time the interior has been overlooked and the urban areas have now been overcrowded. People in neighboring countries refer to us as a drug hub and if nothing is done, our country is doomed. We have so many talents in the ghettoes. I know people who go to school for their masters, but they will go to a man in the ghetto for their proposals. He graduated from AME University and he’s doing his masters and living in the ghettoe.”

“Students as age as five years old are taking in drugs. Our future is being threatened by the use of narcotic substances. If I can’t play my roles now, it means we have just failed the country. The drugs trade is something that is very lucrative. We must join this campaign to say no to drugs. We are looking for people who are bringing drugs into the country and if caught, the time in jail is 20years. There is still hope for users to be transformed into better citizens. I will have no objections in working with you. Say no to drugs and I pledged myself.  I have no regret, you have done so well. Be the ambassadors. We will rally citizens to call on the president to make the issue of drugs as a national emergency. We will not stop rape, if we don’t stop the issue of drugs,” Rep. Goshua.

At the program, Rep. Goshua was named Ambassador of LibX Records Foundation and Senior Advisor.

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