Liberians And Foreigners Who Should Own Land? – Rep Hopeful Asked

By Dyujay Jackson

Representative hopeful of electoral District number twelve Prince Kreplah has accused a Nigerian National of illegally claiming ownership of properties belonging to residents of the district.

Speaking to a team of Journalists, the representative hopeful allergy that Chris Tony Abachai, is in the constant hobbies of using his power and influence to the disadvantage of the poor people, added that mostly doing the night hours is when Abachai carry out the planning of corner stone and clamming it doing the day.

Kreplah further asserted that it’s saddened to see a foreign National tekken properties belonging to citizens without redress by the law a situation he turns as unacceptable, further calling on the government of Liberia to act swiftly into the matter.

According to District twelve Representative hopeful Kreplah, Chris Tony Abachai, paid body guys to beat on people including older folks who were claiming ownership for the property.

At the same time Prince Kreplah called on the Government of Liberia through the Liberia National Police to intervene swiftly into the matters before it gets out of control and leads to a crisis.

Meanwhile, Prince Kreplah further accused the Police Inspector General Patrick Sudu of supporting Chris Tony Abachai in his quest of wrongfully taken lands that does no belong to him.

He asserted that the protection of Chris Tony Abachai by members of the Liberia National Police after he early refused to visit the Zone four police depot on the Japanese freeway alone with those claiming ownership of the land as a clear alternative.

According to Prince Kreplah, Chris Tony Abachai informed him that the government of Liberia is in his pocket which he added that as a Government Official he will not back down on exposing people who want to spoil the image of the government.

Prince Kreplah further vow to follow the matter to logical conclusion through the rule of law.

Also speaking one of the Victims Marpu Kpan informed Journalists that her husband died as the result of Chris Tony Abachai forcefully taken their land while on sick bed further accused Chris Tony Abachai, of being a drugs dealer and that over the time his sister of paying people to get at them.

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