Liberia’s Poorer Borders Seem to Give Rise to Influx of Ebola Affected Guineans

Travelers at Liberia/Guinea border

The reported arrival of travelers from neighboring Guinea on a daily basis seems to worry many Liberians, reflecting on those troubling days when thousands of Liberians lost their lives to this deadly virus, making reference of Liberia’s poorer boarders with Guinea.

According GNN investigation, the outbreak of the Ebola virus may likely spread to Liberia if health authorities and the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) do not put into those proper measures that would curtail the continues influx of Guineans to Liberia in the face of the outbreak of the virus in their country.

Both the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) have their respective role to play in aborting the resurrection of the virus in Liberia, or if not Liberians against will be hard-hit as was done few years when thousands of Liberians lost their lives to this deadly disease.

Some health experts who spoke to the GNN called on the Liberian Government to take those precautionary measures that would stop the continues influx of people from Ebola affected countries to Liberia, a country currently battling with the COVID-19 virus as many have already falling prey to this disease.

“People from Ebola affected Guinea are arriving here daily without properly been checked due to Liberia’s poorer border by using other routes, this situation needs to be properly checked by our immigration authorities,”  Saralyn Tolbert, a concerned Liberian speaking to the GNN recently expressed her thought.

GNN Correspondent in Nimba County said several Guinean businesswomen and others are arriving daily in Liberia via the Ganta Border point, In some cases some of these purported business people used other bypasses to arrive in Liberia on their business venture.

Similar encounter is also said to be taken place in Lofa County at the border with Guinea where on a reported daily basis business people are said to be arriving from that neighboring Guinea at the detriment of others who are battling with their health needs in that part of Liberia.

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