Mr. Clarence Piso Jackson, Station Manager

Liberia’s OK FM More Than A Radio Station; Its Humanitarian Services Noticeable

Mr. Clarence Piso Jackson, Station Manager

The management of OK FM Liberia is winning the hearts of many Liberians for its professional services in the communication sector, particularly its humanitarian services to the neediest; advocating for their plight, particularly their health needs.

For this reason, many Liberians and foreign residents usually seek the patronage and support of this radio station to allow the public to know their plight via this technology informing the public about the unbearable health condition that the victim cannot afford to handle due to the lack of finances to seek medical help.

The airwave of this radio station over the past months has humanitarianly been used to advocate for the wellbeing of dozens of individuals with unbearable health conditions through the usage of its airwave, particularly via its daily breakfast show, OK Morning Rush conducted by Clarence Jackson.

This most recent is an appeal to philanthropy organizations, prominent citizens of Gbapolu County, and goodwill individuals in the country and abroad, OK FM, has disclosed that it has raised an amount of US$1500 for the little child who was reportedly brutalized by his father in Gbapolu County recently.

On his Facebook page, Mr. Clarence Jackson, Station Manager of OK FM noted, “This kid, 9 years old lost three (3) of his front teeth after his father severely beat him for 900 Liberian dollars, he gave his father to keep. He was brought to Monrovia for treatment but has been home because his mother doesn’t have money. Today, we (OK FM) raised nearly one thousand five hundred (US$1, 500 for his treatment.

“Thanks to everyone who contributed to the treatment of this child,” Mr. Jackson added. The latest report received late yesterday disclosed that the child has begun taking treatment at the ELWA Hospital where he has been admitted.

Recently, it was reported that the father of a little child has been accused of beating on his child unmercifully thus leaving him with four broken teeth. The report furthered that the mother of the little boy, Madam Yassah Jallah narrating the boy’s ordeal said little Peter Brooks was beaten by his father over an amount of L$900 which reportedly gave to his father for saving to take care of his Gala Day program.

Madam Jallah further disclosed that Mr. Brook got annoyed over the L$900 issue and strike little Peter on his mouth making him to lose four of his teeth something that has resulted to a serious medical complication.

According to her, after the incident, they were transferred at the Henry’s Town Hospital in Bapolu County to have little Peter get some medical treatment but were told by Doctors that they could not handle the boy’s situation.

She lamented, “We were transferred to Bopolu Hospital and were informed by the doctor that they could only help us with an ambulance to take us to Monrovia to have little Peter receive some medical treatment.

She disclosed that when they arrived at JFK Medical Center, they were informed by the white doctor that the boy’s major teeth have been destroyed along with three other teeth. Speaking further, she said they were asked to leave the hospital because there was no bed for the boy to be treated.

“We were put outside from the JFK Medical Center,” she lamented. Madam Jallah explained that one goodwill lady took her son to her residence in Jacob Town to have the boy get some rest before seeking the face of God in prayer to have him get advanced medical treatment.

Madam Jallah added that the boy’s father is currently behind bar at the Monrovia Center Prison, while the child is going through severe pain and agony.

Liberians who spoke to on GNN have expressed gratitude to the management OK Morning Rush producer for his innovative services at the radio station, urged him to do more in helping the suffering Liberian people.

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