Liberia’s Notorious Armed Robber Mulbah Kesselle Found Guilty

A panel of 12 jurors has found one of Liberia’s most notorious armed robber Mulbah Kesselle guilty of armed robbery.

The 12-member jury panel found Kesselle guilty of armed robbery along with his accomplice identified as Patrick Smith.

The juror panel came down with the guilty verdict on Thursday after a heated argument between defense lawyer Garrison Yealu and Prosecution lawyers.

But defense lawyer Yealu who had earlier called on the jurors in his closing argument for acquittal of his clients on grounds that the prosecution failed to proof its case beyond a reasonable doubt took exception to the jurors’ verdict and announced an appeal to the Supreme Court.

Convict Kesselle and his accomplice Patrick Smith have been undergoing jury trial at the Criminal Court ‘D’ over a month for the alleged commission armed robbery in Monrovia and its environs.

But despite been found guilty by the jurors for armed robbery, defendant Kesselle still faces another indictment at the Criminal Court ‘B’ in Monrovia for alleged murder.

However, Judge Nelson Tokpah of the Criminal Court ‘D’ has five working days to sentence the two defendants who are currently behind bars at the Monrovia Central Prison.

It can be recalled on Thursday morning of October 8,2020 defendant Kesselle was forwarded to the Monrovia City Court after weeks of stay in police custody.

Defendant Kesselle was taken to the Monrovia City Court to face prosecution for the alleged commission of the crimes of Criminal Conspiracy, Armed Robbery, and Murder.

He was later transferred to the Criminal Court ‘D’ at the Temple of Justice to face trial since the magisterial court does not have jurisdiction or authority to tried him for armed robbery.

But when he was arraigned before the Criminal Court ‘D’, he pleaded not guilty to the crimes thereby joining issues with the State.

However, the police charged sheet states that the police were able to establish during investigation that Defendant Mulbah Kesselle alias Kezo or Kilo and others to be identified went in the Baptist Seminary Community on Monday, March 2, 2020 at 11:30PM, placed victims Keith Nah, Alex Flomo and Keith Nah’s girlfriend under gunpoint, pepper sprayed them and made away with several valuable items including RAV-4 Jeep.

The investigation also established that Defendant Kesselle and others to be identified were armed with cutlasses, single barrel guns and other deadly weapons.

Also, the investigation revealed that the alleged criminals went in a Tailor Shop, placed victim James Zayzay and Mark Dehmie under gun point and made away with several items including cash.

Police charged also mentioned that the alleged notorious armed robbers and his accomplices went into the Dixville Market Community in Barnesville, forcibly entered victim Oumaru Barry Tea Shop, placed him under gunpoint and made away with valuable properties including cash.

Police investigation further revealed that during the armed robbery in Dixville Market Community, the Kapao Secure Liberia Incorporated team responded on the crime scene.

The team (Kapao Secure Liberia Incorporated) later went in pursuit of one the perpetrators in person of Defendant Mulbah Kesselle who was in a gray RAV-Jeep.

Victim Karvah was later pronounced dead by doctors upon arrival at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Monrovia.

Police investigation also added that while the Anti-Robbery Unit/CSD bravo team was in pursuit of Defendant Kesselle, he (Defendant Kesselle) opened fire at the agents of the anti-robbery squad, at which time the team also returned fire, leaving Defendant Kesselle seriously injured from bullet wound.

Kesselle denied all the allegations during police investigation.

This is the second time that defendant Kesselle has been found guilty of armed robbery.

He was sentenced to prison back in 2017 for armed robbery. But he was later released on the order of the court (Criminal Court ‘D’) without serving his sentence.

Source: FPA

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