Liberia’s new Tourism Brand Identity unveiled to Liberia National Tourism Association

Press Release

Facilitator Hesta Baker and a cross section of LINTA members and MICAT’s tourism team

(Monrovia) – Liberia is one step closer in improving its economic growth and employment opportunities through  its  tourism  sector.  The  International  Trade  Centre,  the United  Nations  World  Tourism Organization (UNWTO) together with Liberia’s Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism and Ministry of Commerce and Industry conducted a sensitization workshop on the new Liberian Tourism Brand Identity, which will be launched on 27 September.

Members of the Liberia National Tourism Association had the chance to acquaint themselves with the Liberian Tourism Brand Identity, thereby focusing on the marketing strategy.

“This workshop came in a timely manner. You cannot develop tourism without a marketing component. It is good that we all came here, especially stakeholders such as the Liberia National Tourism Association,  so  that  we  can  all  speak  in  one  voice  about  the  marketing  aspects  of  tourism.”

Juanita Yiah, Director of Tourism, Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs, and Tourism, Liberia

“Having worked on the branding strategy, this was needed, because now we are able to see exactly where we are. It was good that they rolled it out first to us, before actually launching it to the public. Everybody was engaged, everybody had a comment, and everybody had a question. We’re really, really excited about it!”

Mai Urey, President of the Liberia National Tourism Association

Cross section of LINTA members and MICAT’s team including Mai Urey, President of LINTA

“The workshop is a positive step in the right direction for the promotion of tourism in Liberia. This work that began some years back, and this workshop with the presentation on the branding and tourism strategy, tells us how far we have come, and how far we anticipate going.”

Jesse Jefferson Fahn, Director of Implementation for Trade Related Projects at Ministry of Commerce  and  Industry  (MoCI),  and  Ministry’s  focal  person  on  the  Liberia  Tourism Development Project

“The workshop today sensitized all relevant stakeholders on the new brand before its launch on 27 September, on World Tourism Day.”

Hesta Baker, Workshop facilitator and National Branding and Marketing Consultant, International Trade Centre

The Liberia Tourism Brand Identity was developed with the technical support of the International Trade Center and the United Nations World Tourism Organization under the Liberia Tourism Development Project, funded by the Enhanced Integrated Framework.

About the Tourism Development Project

The Liberia Tourism Development project emanates from the National Export Strategy on Tourism 2016-2020 and responds to the implementation of the Strategy. It has an objective of developing the tourism sector offerings by: a) improving the policy environment and institutional capacity, b) developing new tourism destinations around surfing and other historical and natural attractions, and c) undertaking targeted promotion and advocacy campaigns to promote tourism to international, regional and domestic markets. Specifically, the project aims at: a) establishing a tourism information booth at the Monrovia Roberts International Airport, b) developing tourist reception facilities at the Robertsport beach front, the Providence Island and the Marshall Island, and c) developing a tourism marketing strategy and a tourism brand identity for Liberia, focusing on Robertsport as a surf tourism destination.

The Project is implemented by the International Trade Centre in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry; the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism; and the United Nations World Tourism Organisation. It is funded by the Enhanced Integrated Framework Programme.

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