Liberia’s Int’l Movie Star Van Vicker Cares For Performing Arts Industry

Joseph Van Vicker with some of the students as he vowed to educate more Liberians in the performing arts

Mr. Joseph Van Vicker, a well-known actor and  co-founder of the Van Vicker’s School Of Performing Arts, has disclosed that he will work tirelessly to ensure that Liberians, especially kids, receive quality performing arts education that will showcase their talent to the world.

Vicker made the statement recently when he visited the school; he said that the establishment of the school is not about money-making, but is an institution that is dedicated to providing an outlet of Fine Arts Education to children, youths and young adults of Liberia.

Imparting knowledge to them and ensuring that they can grow with the level of specialty in the areas of their talents, Mr. Vicker said, is his passion. He said he will work efficiently with his administration to bring up great talents in the country.

“I am still working on a lot of great arrangements to ensure that at certain point in time this school will be offering free programs for Liberian kids with passion for arts and this will contribute greatly towards a successful country,” he said.

He lauded the great effort and work being done by his staff in order to impart knowledge to the kids as a means of building their foundation and urged them to keep up the good work that will yield more tangible results.

Joseph Van Vicker with some of the students as he vowed to educate more Liberians in the performing arts

“Keep doing what you are doing; we have started something very small and understand that there will be struggles, but we should not give up. Just envision the light at the end of the tunnel, and I am sure we will leave a legacy with the level of work that will be done at this school,” he said.

The well-known Nollywood and Ghollywood actor used the medium to call on all Liberians to join him in the process of educating more kids that have a great passion for arts, and urged everyone to do all they can to send their kids to the school.

At the same time, the Administrator of the School, Mrs. Charlesetta Williams, appreciated Mr. Vicker and Dr. Clarice Ford-Kulah, who are the co-founders of the school, for the level of work being done so far to educate Liberian kids.

According to her, due to the level of economic constraints in the country, several kids with great dreams of  becoming actors, actresses, dancers, film producers, among others, are unable to benefit from such programs.

She called on Mr. Vicker to begin a free school that will enable several other children to acquire the necessary education, to enable them become great products of Liberia.

In a brief report about the school, Mrs. Williams said that currently the two months’ (July-August) summer enrichment program at the school has shown great interest and how talented Liberian kids are when they have such schools.

“The school has a lot of students, majority of who are on scholarship and, among them, we also have a visually challenged student and others with disabilities because we believe they have a future,” she said.

Photo & Text Credit: Daily Observer

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