Liberia’s Education Ministry Delegation Makes Presentation at UNESCO EMIS Conference


Dep.Min. Kesselly and Joe Kai

Liberia’s Education Ministry is putting in place a transitional program that will ensure a more effective and efficient electronic based process that will promote simultaneous data collection, validation and data entry in Liberian schools.

The Liberian Delegation at the Education Management and Information System(EMIS) International Conference at the UNESCO headquarters, Paris, France, which included Deputy Education Minister for Planning, Research and Development, Alton V. Kesselly and Research Officer Joe Kai emphasized that the development of a robust national system which will  strengthens existing protocol is cardinal in addressing the challenge of the lack of empirical data which is a key aspect of education.

A dispatch from Paris, France says the delegation revealed at the EMIS Conference which was held from April 11-13, 2018 that at the conclusion of the program, data will be validated and analyzed in real time as its being uploaded to the server, school mapping (GPS) coordinates can also take place which will allows for efficient allocation of scarce monetary and human resources.

The new program which is jointly established between UNESCO and the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) aims to support countries in maximizing the EMIS to implement the Sustainable Development Goals-SDG 4 Education 2030.

The program includes activities designed to generate knowledge; identify good country practices and experiences in the area of EMIS development, implementation and use; and highlight emerging needs at country level.

The development of national education systems in developing countries over the past decades has been accompanied by an increased need for information and data. This data underpins the development and implementation of robust national sector policies and plans, appropriate levels of sector management, and monitoring and evaluation.

The Education Management and Information Systems (EMIS) are designed for the collection, integration, processing, maintenance and dissemination of data and information to support decision-making, policy-analysis and formulation, planning, monitoring and management at all levels of an education system.

The information gathered provides education policy-makers, decision-makers and managers at all levels with a comprehensive, integrated set of data and information to support them in completion of their responsibilities. EMIS are also used to monitor that education systems are on track to meet international development targets such as SDG4 and national development goals related to education.

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