Liberia’s Borders With Neighboring Countries Threaten, As LIS Officers Complain Of Logistics

One of the bordering checkpoints being abandoned

The poorer borders of Liberia with other neighboring countries are said to be causing serious security threats due to the lack of adequate logistics from authority of the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) to its assigned officers at various border points.

LIS assigned officers at some of the borders have reportedly abandoned their positions due to the lack of supplies that could have buttress the services by tracking down aliens or would be aliens, as a result many of those coming to Liberia are using such opportunities to illegally enter the country.

According to report aired on a local radio station in Monrovia, dozens of aliens are said to be trooping to Liberia from neighboring countries bordering Liberia without a proper check, and the presentation of entry documents.

Speaking in addition to the report, our correspondents in Nimba County border point and Lofa County border also said the government is losing revenues from the importation of goods from these countries.

“On a daily basis, dozens of business people are in queue most times bypassing immigration checkpoints as a result of poorer border points around the country. The government of Liberia is losing a huge revenue intake, and also it is scaring at this point when people are entering the country without check,” Jackson Paye, II, in an exclusive interview with our Nimba County Correspondent.

Some Liberians who spoke to the GNN are urging authority at the LIS to do all in its powers to provide those needy logistics in order to allow its officers to effectively mend the country’s borders between neighboring countries.

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