Liberians Refusal To Adhere To Health Protocols Give Rise To The Alarming Increase Of The Virus – GNN Investigation Discovered

GNN investigation has gathered that the alarming increase of the deadly Coronavirus or COVID-19 in Liberia is a result of the deliberate and persistence refusal of some Liberians to adhere to the health protocols issued by the Liberian health authorities give rise to the continual increased of confirmed cases.

The habit of Liberians not to take ‘Anything’ is seriously knocking at the doors of every law abiding Liberians and our foreign residents as a result of people not adhering to health protocols including social distancing, the wearing of  nose and face masks, and the cutting off  of shaking hands.

Despite of the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus which has ravaged the entire world, GNN investigation has also revealed that other individuals, meanly those who roam the streets daily for their lively survival have declared that there is  nothing called COVID-19, and that the national government is using this to raise funds from the international community.

What a shame to those who are threading this line that the Liberian Government is using this to solicit funding, “The ignoring of our people not to take anything serious in this country will continue to send this country backward,” Nathaniel Davies a resident of central Monrovia speaking to the GNN over the weekend said.

Like Davies, others who are consonant that yes indeed the virus is here condemned those who are intransigent of the virus presence on the soil of Liberia, wondering as to where they were during the outbreak of the Ebola virus that killed thousands of the in the Mano River basin.

According to global report as of June 21, 2020, Liberia has 601 cases confirmed, with 33 deaths and 254 recovered, while in Sierra Leone, 1,309 cases have been confirmed, with 53 deaths, and 746 recoveries.

In Ghana 13, 717 cases have been confirmed, while the deaths 85, with recoveries been put at 10,074, and in Guinea there are 4,960 confirmed cases have been report, with 27 deaths, while 3,630 have been recovered, while in the Ivory Coast, 7,276 cases have been confirmed, with 52 deaths while 52 deaths have been reported.

Liberians need to take serious attention in the prevention of this deadly virus; they should not be weary in taking into consideration all preventive measures as what effects oneself effect everybody. Please let be serious in kicking this deadly virus out of Liberia.

Joel Cholo Brooks writes

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