Liberians Ponder Over Objective Of The ‘Pro-Poor’ Gov’t, As Dozens Question Its Extravagance

Liberians many of whom who are low income earners, and while others are on a daily basis fighting for survival, the CDC-led government believed to be choice of the majority, and also tagged itself as the ‘Pro-Poor’, meaning the government of the poor people, in recent times many of its actions continue to baffles the Liberian people as to while it was named the “Pro-Poor”.

Since its ascendancy as one of  Liberia’s popular political parties to take the helm of the country’s troubled democracy, the CDC-led government has always being on the front line for unusual happenings; ranking from the alleged missing billions, the luxury ways many of its officials are living nowadays and other extravagance associated with it.

Some Liberians who were in other way around considered diehard Cedecians from the onset of this newest government on the bloc of World’s soccer icon on the map of this world are by the day are losing hope and expectation due to the way things are taken place in the country notably as its slogan was popularly known “Change for Hope”.

The latest extravagance of the presidency is the huge delegation that are always selected for the trip of the nation’s Chief Executive which at most time followed with huge expenditures on many of his trips abroad, even some of his ministers are also said to be following suit by making luxury trips at the expense of the country which is drowning economically.

Recently a local daily reported that the Chief Executive of the nation, President George Manneh Weah who let the country with a 24-Man delegation to attend the Inaugural Ceremony of the Senegalese President Macky Sall is one of those trips that many feel should be cut down due to the tough time Liberians are being with economically.

The number of persons usually travel with the Liberian leader is raising eyebrows especially so, when the country is going through financial stress and the International Monetary Fund has called for a more efficient fiscal policy.

An International Monetary Fund Mission to Liberia in early this month observed that productive spending is being crowded out by a wage bill, including discretionary allowances that total about two-thirds of government-funded expenditure.

“This is not a new issue—it has been a characteristic of the Liberian economy for a number of years. However, as grants and other external assistance decline, this is no longer a tenable situation. Freeing up resources in an equitable manner for pro-poor development will likely require effective actions to reduce the share of government resources devoted to this budget item.”

The size of the delegation is leading the former ruling Unity Party to believe that the Weah-led administration is not being truthful about the state of the economy.

GNN Liberia survey has gathered that majority of the Liberian people are calling on their President, George Manneh Weah to see reason in cutting down some of his official delegation on some of his international trips if this country is to succeed economically.

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