Liberians Overwhelmingly Crave For Peaceful Runoff Election


In the look of things, both candidates are also opting for election free of violence,

The November 14 election will either be a repeated record sitting or a record never to be repeated in the liberian political and electoral history.

If President George M. Weah wins the election, he will be stopping the reoccurrence of the election of 1869.

If former Vice President Amb. Joseph N. Boakia wins the election, he will be broking the political record of President Edward James Roye of 1869.

In the election of 1869, the sitting President James A. Paynes was defeated by Edward James Roye. It was the first time in Liberian history for a sitting President to be defeated.

So we are looking to see if the record of President Roye will not be repeated or will be broken and repeated.

We all pray for a peaceful election.
Whosoever wins let’s accept the result and look forward to the election of 2029.

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