Liberians Overwhelm Of President Weah’s Salary Slash and constitution reform

Recent state of the nation address of President George M. Weah where he publicly announced plans to cut his salary and change parts of the country’s consultation has been received by Liberians, who are lauding his initiative.

Addressing his kinsmen and members of the Liberian parliament, President Weah said, “In view of the very rapidly deteriorating situation of the economy, I am informing you today, with immediate effect, that I will reduce my salary and benefits by 25%.” He plans to give the money to a Liberian development fund.

The former FIFA all-star also announced he would remove “unnecessary, racist and inappropriate” clauses from Liberia’s national constitution, a country that reserves citizenship to only “people of color.”

President Weah further denounced the ban on foreigners owning property, which dissuades foreign investors from settling in Liberia.

Such constitutional reform could directly affect him as it was revealed during his presidential run he had at least one or two foreign passports

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