Liberians Criticize Police On ‘No Mysterious Deaths, Disappearances’ Statement

Police Inspector General of the Liberia National Police, Patrick Sudue

Immediately after a live radio pronouncement by a team of Liberia National Police higher ups headed by the Inspector General of the LNP, Col. Patrick Sudue saying that report of mysterious killings and disappearances of innocent Liberians are ‘False and misleading intended to damage the image of the government’, have received mountain of reactions from the public.

Many of those who spoke to local radio stations a day after the police made these sterling revelations, that stories that have gone virus on social media that people have been killed and missing are untrue, and that those who are reportedly spreading these lies will be apprehended in the near future angered many of the callers on local radio stations noting that the police have lost its neutrality, and professionalism amid the constant mysterious killings in the country nowadays.

During the live radio program, the police also accused the President of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC), Bishop Kortu K, Brown of conniving with those the police boss called, enemies of the state to spread lies and misinformation to the public against the CDC-led government of President Weah.

Dozens of callers who took the airwaves publicly condemned the police insinuation, and noted that the police is insensitive of the plight of the Liberian people by devoicing itself of the current security situation in the country; the mysterious killings and disappearances of innocent Liberians.

In a related development, barely 24 hours after the police declared that there has been no mysterious deaths and disappearances in the country, the City Mayor of City of Monrovia, Jefferson Koijee said his City Police will join the police to fight against these situations.

Last year, 2020 the Government of Liberia attributes the mysterious deaths of Gifty Lamah and Albert Peters to Carbon monoxide poising, says the two deceased LRA employees were reportedly stock in a defected car prior to their deaths.

Addressing a news conference at the Information Ministry Tuesday, Justice Minister Musa Dean said the two former employees of the Liberia Revenue Authority, according to an autopsy report, died of carbon monoxide poisoning which was exacerbated by gasoline hydrocarbon fumes.

Touching on the mysterious death of Internal Audit Agency boss Emmanuel Nyenswah, Minister Dean said the fallen IAA boss died as a result of massive hemorrhage, multiple bony and soft tissue injuries which he sustained after falling from the height of his home.

According to the Justice Minister, the IAA boss death requires further investigation, stating that circumstances leading to the cause of his demise are unnatural.

The four Liberians mysteriously died in the period of 8 days in October 2020.

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