Liberians Back Home Say They’re Excited over Election of Their Kinsmen In U.S. Congress

L/R: Naquetta Ricks and Nathan Biah

The election of two Liberians in the United States 2020 election has brought pride to dozens of Liberians back home, expressing overwhelming gratitude to their kinsmen for their victories in the ongoing elections in the United States.

The just-ended United States of America general and presidential elections were very historic for Liberians especially those residing in that part of the world as two of their compatriots were elected as Congressional members, making them the first Liberians to be elected to that august body.

Reports emanating from America say Madam Naquetta Ricks was elected Representative of District 40 Colorado, while Nathan Biah was elected Representative of Rhodes Island District #3.

Following her election, Rep. Ricks posted on her Facebook page saying “I want to thank you for your continued support. I wouldn’t be here without you and it has been such an honor to run for your State Representative. Thank you for standing with me until the end.”

Continuing, she said “we would like to thank the entire team and community that support us through the campaign and of course COVID-19. Most importantly thank God for this wonderful opportunity!”

As for Rep. Biah, he expressed his appreciation to his constituents for affording him the opportunity to represent them and promised not to fail them.

Rep. Biah who is reported to hail from Nimba County earlier on won the incumbent Representative (Moira Walsh) at the Democratic primary with 64.7% thereby becoming the Party’s candidate for the district. He contested unopposed at the general elections.

Who’s Naquetta Ricks?

Naquetta Ricks

According to information, Ricks is from a Liberian heritage and the founder of the recently minted African Chamber of Commerce and appeared to have a much wider reach within the diverse communities of South Aurora which she would now represent at State House.

She is said to have fled Liberia during the country civil upheaval and sought refuge in America as an immigrant.

Who’s Nathan Biah?

Nathan Biah

Biah is a Providence educator, father of three, Liberian Civil War refugee, and a Smith Hill and North End resident of over 20 years.

Biah’s journey to America started in Monrovia, Liberia where his plans to attend college were disrupted by the Liberian Civil War.

He walked 90 miles from Monrovia to Bong Mines to escape the violence, eventually landing in a refugee camp in the Ivory Coast.

Biah eventually reunited with family in Rhode Island.

Upon coming to Rhode Island, Biah passed the GED test and worked for minimum wage in a Centerdale textile factory while earning a degree from Rhode Island College.

While working as a math teacher, Biah earned his Master’s Degree from URI.

While raising kids, Biah became a school administrator for the Providence School Department working at Nathanael Greene Middle School, Juanita Sanchez High School, Mount Pleasant High School, and Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School.

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