Liberians at Buduburam reject ‘crime hub’ tag as 141 are picked up in police, military swoop

An aerial view of Buduburam

Over 141 suspected criminals in Buduburam have been picked up in a joint military and police swoop.

The team locked down the town Thursday dawn as they searched the homes of each resident for weapons and other suspected materials.

Those leaving the community at the time of the swoop had to go through rigorous search before being allowed to go.

President of the Liberian community in Ghana lauded the exercise as a good way to rid the community of criminals.

“We can assure you that Liberians are not engaged in the major crimes that are panicking, distractive and evil. There might be some manner of domestic problems but crimes, armed robbery, killing and all of those things are far from us… to carry on security operations will fetch out the criminals,” he said whilst speaking against suggestions to demolish the town.”

Other Liberian residents also expressed their frustration in their community being tagged a criminal hub saying that tag is tarnishing their image.

They said the criminals who have taken shelter in the community are not Liberians.

Speaking to the media, the Camp manager and representative of the Ghana refugees board, Arnold Opimbeh said only four out of the hundred and forty-one people arrested have been reported to be Liberians.

“So far it’s four family heads who reported to me that they take their family so we’re working towards that. I’ve informed my managers in Accra… and the necessary steps will be taken immediately,” he said.

Those arrested have since been transported to the Police headquarters in Accra for screening with the police assuring that the exercise will be replicated nationwide.

Source: Joy News

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