Liberians applaud US State Rep. Ricks on re-election to Colorado- House of Representatives

Rep. Naquetta Ricks

Democrat Liberian born-American politician, Naquetta Ricks has been reelected State Representative for tshe 40th District of Colorado, USA.

Ricks obtained 61.8% of total votes, thus defeating her lead challenger  Le Sellers who managed 38.2% of the pools.

She was first elected in November 2020 and assumed office on January 13, 2021,  to serve as Colorado state representative for District 40 and her current mandate extends for a period of additional two years.

In her first session in the Colorado legislature, she led the fight on groundbreaking legislations including the creation of the Immigration Legal Defense Fund and the Diverse K-12 Workforce Report.

Between  2021 and 2022 madam Ricks was assigned to the following committees: House Business Affairs and Labor Committee as well as Public and Behavioral Health and Human Services Committee.

Following her reflection, Naquetta posted on Facebook and Twitter appreciating her supporters, friends and families for the massive outpouring of support.

“Praise be to God ! Thank you HD 40 for re-electing me! I am grateful for your support and confidence. We have a lot of work to do together for Colorado and I am fired up and ready to go back to the Capitol!  #BlueTsunami.” she added on Facebook.

Representative Naquetta Ricks is the first African immigrant to be elected to the Colorado Legislature, and the first Liberian born American to be elected to any state legislature.

Madam Naquetta is amongst many Liberians who were forced to flee the civil war and  settled in Aurora, Colorado.

Representative Ricks received her undergraduate degree in accounting at MSU, and her MBA from the University of Colorado Denver.

She then went on to operate a successful small mortgage brokerage business and found the African Chamber of Commerce, Colorado USA.

As a leading Black woman in business and politics, she works tirelessly to improve her community by helping build economic knowledge, and by championing the rights of immigrants and refugees.

Meanwhile, Scores of Liberians home and abroad have been positing congratulatory messages to Naquetta on Facebook and Twitter for bringing pride to her community and Liberia at lvotes

Former Deputy Foreign Minister Elias Shoniyin posted on Twitter “I congratulate Naquetta Ricks for her reelection and the resounding renewal of her mandate as Colorado State Representative HD40”.

“Go and serve your community with the usual passion and dedication #Midterms2022 #USAElections #USA #Liberia #DemocracyDefender”

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