Liberians Anxiously Look Forward For More Sanctions Designated Officials Amidst Widespread Corruption

GNN Liberia has publicly gathered how many Liberians are calling for mire sanctions designated government officials by the United States Treasury Department in the alleged continuous misuse of public funds by some government officials who believed that the cultural of impunity should live on.

Many Liberians who spoke to this informative online news outlet say they are anxiously looking to the U.S. Treasury Department to robustly increase the number of sanctions designated Liberians government officials who have over the years squandered the country’s natural resources at the detriment of the majority.

Since three senior Liberian government officials were sanctioned for their alleged involvement in massive corruption, GNN sources have gathered that some government officials have resolved not to deposit monies in local banks accounts but rather keeping same at home, while others are wiring huge cash to other banking institutions in other countries.

GNN investigation also gathered that some officials of the Liberian government and other private sector are on a daily basis making countless numbers of withdrawals from their accounts in other to be on the save side in case of anything or been placed on further sanctions.

However, sources from oversees two days ago confided in the GNN that more sanctions are underway targeting the three branches of the Liberian Government, noting that those linked to massive corruption will be grabbed at all cost, our oversees mainly from the United States said in an exclusive interview.

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