Update: The Man Whose Wife And Child Stuck in India Speaks Out, Lauds Indian Consulate General For Assistance

Mrs. Jenneh Paye

Following report in the media that a lady who traveled to India to seek medical surgery for her child got stuck in India with some challenges in getting back home to Liberia after a successful heart surgery, the husband of Jenneh Paye, Peter Paye today, June 14, 2020 spoke to the GNN, giving details of what has happened to her wife and son, little Jin Paye India.

Given details of the actual story, Mr. Paye said the India Consulate General to Liberia, SUpjit Singh Sachdeva, popularly call ‘Jeety’ did extremely well in coming to the rescue of his family by rendering some financial and food assistance including for his child while stuck in India, especially at the time when his wife and son ran out of money, where he could not send them money because everywhere was locked down and hospital could not allow his wife out to get money.

He explained that Mr. Jeety was very generous to his family by sending 10,000 rupees to his wife in India when she completely ran out of money, noting that “I even asked Mr. Jeety to repay him because I had challenge in sending money there but he said no it is okay.” I am indeed grateful to Mr. Jeety for coming to my aide; I will never forget his generosity; It hurts me that my family is in this terrible situation in India  due to the virus situation but that part of the world, however, it is also okay,” Mr. Paye told the GNN.

Few days ago, a local news outlet in India, The New India Express in Kochi, India reported that Mrs. Jenneh Paye was stuck in India for the past months along with her two-and-a-year-old son (Jin Pay), following a successful heart surgery; they were stuck in the Lisie Hospital after their flight back home was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mrs. Paye traveled to India for child’s heart surgery after he  was diagnosed with a hole in the heart within a few months of his birth, as medical doctors said surgery was the only solution for the survival of little Jin. Dr Sia Wata Camanor, Senior Pediatrician of John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital here in Liberia collaborated with the pediatric cardiology team at the Lisie Medical Hospital and arranged for the boy’s treatment.

“Within a few months, my husband and I managed to collect enough money to travel to India and get Jin operated though it meant working overtime and mortgaging our family house. We accepted the struggle for my son’s recovery,” Mrs. Paye told the Indian media during interview.

The surgery went well and his heart condition was rectified by closing the hole, Lisie hospital authorities said. Though the return flight tickets were booked for April, the pandemic scuppered all her travel plans.

“They had only planned for a month’s stay. But they ran out of money after they were forced to stay back for an extended period. For now, the hospital management is taking care of their food and shelter with some help from the Liberian Consulate and a few philanthropists. We hope she gets to go back home soon,” said a Lisie Hospital official.

Concluding the interview with the GNN, Mr. Paye pleaded with our staff not to use the photo of his baby during publication of this story

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