Liberian Senator Steve Zargo Differs Over Calls For War Crimes Court

Senator Stece Zargo

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Defense and Security, Steve Zargo, has said that Liberia should direct its available resources towards development activities rather than expending it to establish a war crimes court.

Zargo said he does not support calls for a war crimes court in Liberia, opining that such call is aimed at “opening old wounds.”

Speaking on Wednesday on a local radio talk show in Monrovia, Zargo asserted that Liberia’s primary agenda should be development and not war crimes court.

The Lofa County Senator wants Liberians to reconsider the setting up of a war crimes court, pointing out that it will also be necessary to use the financial resources intended for the court to strengthen the security sector so that the nation will not fall victim to war again.

He noted that, the war crimes court is not Liberia’s priority, adding that the nation is not ready to take said route as it lacks the enforceability mechanisms to engage into such endeavor.

The Lofa County Senator believes that those who were involved in the civil crisis which claimed the lives of over 200,000 Liberians should come to realize their wrong doings, reach out and be apologetic to the Liberians people.

He stressed that capacity building for women, road connectivity and the provision of drugs for the only referral hospital in Lofa County, among other key development endeavours, remains the main focus of his personal political agenda.


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