Liberian Senate Abolishes Death Penalty, Receive Commendations From The Public

Flash Back: Members of the Liberian Senate

The  Liberian Senate  is receiving huge commendations from the public for abolishing death penalty in Liberia, with calls for House of Representatives to concur with such decision

The organization “Rescue Alternatives Liberia” has welcomed the Liberian Senate decision to abolish death penalty in Liberia.

Rescue Alternative termed the decision as a clear indication of Liberia’s determination to fulfill its regional and international treaty obligations.

The organization Program Coordinator Sam Nimely expressed the importance for Liberia to abolish death penalty, adding that no judicial system is safe from judicial error, and innocent persons could be sentenced to death and executed.

Meanwhile, Rescue Alternative is calling on the House of Representatives to concur with the Senate decision, in support of the country accepted recommendations to the Universal Periodic Review which calls for the abolition of death penalty.

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