Liberian Scientist, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan Honored with Medicine and Research Award — Calls on Liberians to Stand Up Against Mediocrity and Corruption

(L-R) Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, M.D. and LeeliaM. Kpukuyou

Liberian medical doctor and inventor,Dr. Dougbeh Christopher Nyan was over the weekend presented with a Medical and Research Award by the Liberian Community Association of North Jersey for his excellent work in science, medicine, and innovation, and his service to humanity.

During the ceremony, Dr. Nyan called on Liberians to stand up for excellence and stand up against mediocrity and hypocrisy for the survival of Liberia.

“The situation in Liberia is critical and serious, and requires attention,” said Dr. Nyan, who further emphasized that, “we must stand up now so that Liberia does not fall later; we must stand up against mediocrity in our society, we must stand up against sycophancy, we must stand up against inexperience, we must stand up against hypocrisy and deceit, and we must stand up against corruption.”

The award-winning scientist made the statement amid the applause of the audience during the 18th Inaugural Ceremony of the Liberian Community Association of Northern Jersey where he was honored. Presenting the award, Mr. Kar described Dr. Nyan as a very educated, dedicated, and committed Liberian. He also described the Liberian scientist as a well-rounded African whose work has made a valuable impact on humanity and has proudly represented Liberia and Africa in the international community.

Among his notable scientific achievements is Dr. Nyan’s invention of a diagnostic test that can detect and identify many infections in a less than an hour. He has received several awards and recognition for the test including the prestigious 2017 African Innovation Award Special Prize for Social Impact. The Nyan-Test, as it is called, recently placed among the Top 50 Innovations out of over 600 competitors in Kigali, Rwanda at the African Innovation Summit-2018.

Responding, Dr. Nyan thanked the community for the recognition and said that, “this award is not for me, but represents the many talented Liberians and Africans out there who we don’t know.” The German-educated medical doctor then called on Liberian and other African leaders to “strongly support science and technology as a way of preparing Africa to dash in the 4th Industrial Revolution, adding that, “science, medicine and technology are now ruling the world.”

Nyan’s call for Liberians to “stand up against mediocrity” and other vices comes as no surprise and at a time when Liberians seem disappointed with the present government in less than a year. He has been a long-timeadvocate for democracy, press freedom, and social justice in Liberia and Africa. On July 26, 2016, Dr. Nyan served as the 169th National Independence Day Orator of Liberia and delivered what is acclaimed as one of the best and patriotic Orations in recent years with the famous line: “… If you want to fight, let’s fight corruption; in our fight against corruption, let sincerity be our guns and honesty be our bullets…”

A host of other Liberians including Madam LeeliaKpukuyou were also recognized by the Community. The vibrant Liberian entrepreneur was honored for her leadership in promoting Liberian businesses and advocacy for youth and women entrepreneurial empowerment. Leelia is Founder and Executive Director of the African Youth and Women Empowerment Initiative and serves as General Secretary of the Liberian Business Association. She remarked thatbeing recognized by your own people is worthy and means that you are doing something good for the society.

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