Liberian Police Chief Extols UNDP, Others For US$40k Sets Of Uniform

LNP IGP, Patrick Sudu

(LINA) – Inspector General Patrick Sudue has  hailed the continued technical and logistical support to the Liberia  National Police (LNP) by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)  and other partners that helps to improve the justice and security  system of the country.

Col. Sudue’s laudation comes in the wake of a collaborative venture  between the UNDP, Irish Aid and the Swedish Embassy that saw the  presentation of more than a hundred sets of uniforms for police  officers this week.

The total value of the uniforms is about US$40,000.

“The gesture by the partners was timely and in the right direction,”  spokesman Moses Carter quoted Col. Sudue as saying.

Carter recollected that during confirmation hearings at the  Legislature early this year, the police boos highlighted to senators  the “inadequacy” of uniforms for police officers as one of the  numerous challenges confronting the law-enforcement institution.

Meanwhile, Charles Lawrence, a representative of the Swedish Embassy,  described uniforms for officers as more than just attires and symbols,  because “when a police officer puts on the uniform, such officer is no  longer just a citizen of the nation, but part of a larger entity set  to uphold the country’s laws and protect its citizens.”

Lawrence praised “the great works” of the LNP in the fight against  crimes in populous Monrovia and all over the country, adding: “The  Government of Sweden recognizes the great efforts of the Liberia  National Police in the fight against crime.”

The Country Representative of UNDP, Dr. Kamil Kamaludden, indicated  that the latest donation to the police was one of several helps the UN  agency has given to the rule of law sector of Liberia.

“Police uniform is a national symbol and it helps to distinguish an  officer from a civilian. Uniform helps officers get the necessary  courtesy from the public,” Dr. Kamaludden stressed.

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