Nemen Martin Kpahn during the graduation

Liberian National Excels Academically In Australia

Dispatch From Australia

Nemen Martin Kpahn during the graduation

A Liberian man living in Queensland, Australia, June 27th, graduated from the University of Southern Queensland with a master’s degree in science with an emphasis on applied research from a top Australian University. The University of Southern Queensland ranked #29 in Best Global Universities in Australia by US News and World Report, ranking 2022. The University of Southern Queensland also ranks number 1 in Australia in terms of graduate employment. Nemen’s research focused on the participation of Black sub-Saharan men in civic activities within Australia.

Speaking to this newspaper from Brisbane in Australia, Nemen Martin Kpahn said he was motivated to study a research degree because of his desire to assist Liberian universities and schools in adopting a culture of researching issues that affect Liberia instead of focusing on secondary research that has been conducted in other countries especially those undertaken in the United States. The ambitious graduate said many topics require research in Liberia, such as why is it, for example, the recurrent expenditures of the Liberian government seem to consume the bulk of the government’s budget.

Previously, Nemen had also obtained a Master of Communication Degree from the prestigious Griffith University, ranked in the top 2% of the world’s universities according to the QS university ranking. Nemen’s previous research focused on using social media as a part of the new public sphere and how social media affect how people engage with each other.

We all join in celebrating the academic achievement of this Liberian man in a faraway country.

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