Liberian Musician Threatens Lawsuit Against Suzan Gbangaye For Allegation Of Murder

One of Liberia’s finest musical artists, Maurice Gayflor who is popularly known as CIC, has disclosed that he will not be deterred to pursue the prosecution of defendant Suzan Gbangaye for accusing him of killing Quincy Luwokollie Burrowes alias Quincy-B.

The Liberian musician issued the criminal action against defendant Suzan Gbangaye at the Paynesville Magisterial Court recently, but was dismissed   by Magistrate of the court, Judge William Saygah.

Judge Saygah’s action was based on an application from defense lawyer Cllr. Nitoe Lighe who said that the Kamara Addulllah Kamara (KAK) 2018 Free Speech Act has prevented his client from such criminal prosecution.

In confrontational reaction to Cllr. Lighe’s stance,  Attorney Julius Addy (Defense Counsel) rejected Judge Saygah ruling with a three counts motion to rescind his decision consistent with the law.

His rejection was based on the crime criminal coercion charge brought against defendant Susan Gbangaye which was later quashed by Paynesville Magistrate Judge without merit.

The Liberian leading musician through his lawyer told the Court that, the Judge erroneously ruled by dismissing the criminal action and stated that he CIC should redress the law through the Civil Law Court because free speech has been decriminalized by an Act of Legislature.

“CIC is not entitled to bring a criminal action against defendant Susan Gbangaye but rather to pursue the case in the Civil Law Court where jurors will determine his rights,” the musical artist lawyer said.

He revealed that the Kamara Abdullah Kamara Press Freedom Act of 2018 did not decriminalize the offences of Criminal Coercion and Harassment; instead, the Act repeals chapter 11 sections 11.11,11.12 and 11.14 of the penal law of Liberia; that is, criminal Libel against the President, sedition and criminal malevolence.

Noting further,  Attorney Addy also revealed that the law does not include alleged criminal offences committed by private individuals who are not journalists or register members of the Press Union of Liberia or those who intentionally, with malice violate the rights of others in flagrant contravention of existing provision of the penal code.

He stressed that the motion to vacate the order of the Judge is proper because of the gross and material misinterpretation of the KAK Press Freedom Act of 2018 signed into law by his Excellency George Manneh Weah.

Atty. Addy’s application cited several legal blunders that led to the Court verdict saying that defense lawyer Cllr. Lighe misled the court.

CIC’s lawyer wants Associate Magistrate Saygah to withdraw his ruling in order to compel the female defendant Suzan Gbangaye to prove her claims against his client in connection with Quincy Burrowes alias Quincy-B’s death on March 3, 2017.

It can be recorded that, the Liberian singer Quincy Luwokollie Burrowes alias Quincy B was returning from a late-night gig on Friday morning, March 3, 2017, at Anglars Bar and Restaurant when he reportedly lost control driving, ending in the car somersaulting opposite the Monrovia City Hall, leading to his untimely death.

Quincy B said to be in the driver’s seat accompanied by his colleagues Feouls Kaba, Margas and CIC who suffered a broken leg while the others went unscathed.

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