Liberian Ministerial Alliance In North America Outline Solution to Healing Process

The Liberian Ministerial Alliance in North America has outlined several solutions to the government of Liberia as a means toward the healing process of Liberia.

The Liberian Ministerial Alliance in North America is a group comprising of Liberian Ministers of gospel living in the America.

LIMANA as it is call need some of the solutions point as Human Right protection and accountability as outline in the 1945 universal Human Rights declaration, Equal justice for all librarian as inscribe in the Constitution of Liberia.

The group also pointed out that land reform policy for the promotion of national unity given the current reality of conflict in Liberia’s sale and purchase of land.

The group statement which was signed by its president Rev. Dr Moses Suah Dennis was delivered by Rev. Solomon Manneh Muin on Sunday at the Bicentennial thanksgiving service held at the executive Mansion.

The group also called for the advancement of cultural value in the African Heritage of Liberia indigenous and migrated people, the balancing of domestic opportunity for all Liberians and a wealth creating Economic Policy practices by enforcing current law with accountability irrespective of position or connection in government or society.

The Liberian Christian leaders said their solution is within the core Biblical mandate for all people and leaders alike, as found in the book of Micah6:8.

The group who is among several Liberian in the Diaspora that was invited to this Bicentennial celebration said these solutions for healing Liberia as a fundamental conditions of any person or political party interested in public service at all levels of faith-community, government institutions and civil society.

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