Liberian Legislators Shun President Sirleaf, Rejects Passing Of 13 bills Into Law

Liberia leader, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Members of the Liberian legislature yesterday rejected the passing into law 13 bills including the Dangote Cement project for Liberia noting that these bills should be passed into law by the incoming government of Senator George Weah.

Following the rejection of the passing into law of these bills, members of the legislators resolved yesterday to go for their break leaving the Liberian leader to be disappointed, pondering over the fate of a benefit allegedly to have been accrued.

Some lawmakers who spoke to the GNN before taken their break, said the decision taken by them was timely, wondering as to why President Sirleaf is on the rush for the passing into law 13 bills before her departure from the presidency.

Ordinary Liberians who also spoke to the GNN welcomed the decision by the Liberian lawmakers to reject the passing into law 13 bills, the highest ever to be submitted by the President, stressing, “Liberia is now getting better for lawmakers to publicly shun a sitting president by rejecting bills that were submitted to be passed into law. Yes indeed, our Country is getting better,” Abraham Jackollie Johnson speaking to our staff noted.

With the decision by the Liberian lawmakers, it is not known as to what will be the next step by the Liberian leader.

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