Liberian Leader Receives $25M Mop Up Exercise Report from GAC

The Liberian leader President, George Manneh Weah today, Thursday, 16 May, 2019 at about 3:30 Pm local time, received the General Auditing Commission’s report into the expenditure of U.S.$25 Million, which was intended to mop up excess Liberian dollars from the market.

The report is currently under review by the President for further actions in keeping with the findings.

In his continued effort to ensure transparency and accountability in government, President George Manneh Weah authorized the conduct of the exercise in March following an initial investigation.

The GAC was first given a two-week mandate before the body asked for more time for a comprehensive report. The Government of Liberia reported in early May that the audit commission was holding “exit meetings” in keeping with the procedure agreed upon following the submission of a draft report

At the time and based on the recommendation of the Justice Ministry, the Liberian Leader granted the commission additional ten days to allow for the full completion of the report and assured the public of the government’s determination to get to the bottom of the matter and make the findings public

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