Liberian Leader Orders Doe Community Road Paved In 3 Months

President Weah and Public Works Minister ride Tractor to start the construction of road connecting Doe Community to Clara Town

(LINA) – President George Manneh Weah on Monday instructed Public Works Minister Mobutu Nyenpan to complete the pavement of the Doe Community Road within three months.

Hundreds of residents of the community, comprising mainly youth who had gathered at the Doe Community Clinic to witness a groundbreaking ceremony for the road pavement by President Weah, were utterly surprised when the Liberian leader instructed Minister Nyenpan to start work on the road immediately.

“The exercise today is not groundbreaking. This is a call to action for the Minister and his team to begin immediate work on the road to ensure that the road is paved connecting Doe Community to Clara Town where I come from in three months,” the Liberian leader emphasized.

President Weah told the jubilant residents that the pavement of the road will afford dwellers of both Doe Community and Clara Town the opportunity to interact with one another freely, especially during the rainy season.

“We will not just promise, but we will act in the best interest of you the poor people who elected me to this office. I have no other choice but to work for you; my ministers and I have one goal which is to work to improve the lives of the Liberian people,” he added.

The Liberian Chief Executive thanked the residents of the community for their resilience and for entrusting him with their lives and vowed that he and his able lieutenants will do all it takes to deliver on the promises they made to them during the electoral process in the country.

“Others came to you promising to build roads, schools, hospitals, and jobs, but you said no to them because you wanted a new leadership and here we are today to give back to you what you deserve, a paved road in three months and several other development projects that are to follow,” President Weah stressed.

He added: “Regardless of what was said to you, you were optimistic and prepared to bring to light the ‘Change For Hope,’ a policy that we introduced to give citizens, especially those in the slump communities such as Clara Town, the possibility to be leaders.”

Doe Community, which has over 40,000 residents, will for the first time in many years benefit from the pavement of its major road that runs from the Somalia Drive near the Free Port of Monrovia through the community to Clara Town, in three months time.

This means that residents of the community following the completion of the project will cease to walk through a flooded or muddy road to get to their offices or businesses, especially during the rainy season.

Many of them who spoke with the Liberia News Agency following the program lauded President Weah for thinking about them, saying that they would forever be grateful to his government for the project.

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