Liberian Leader Makes Further Appointments

President George Manneh Weah

Monrovia, Liberia: President George Manneh Weah has made further appointments in government, specifically affecting the local government of Bong County as well as the Bong County Technical College.

Those appointed are:

Bong County Technical College Board

Mr. Kwelligbo Kapu – Chairman

Pastor Lahai Sesay – Co- Chairman

Madam Esther Y. Walker – Member

Bishop Arthur F. Kula – Member

Hon. Henry Y. Yallah – Member

Hon. Josiah Marvin Cole – Member

Kusee L. Armstrong – Member

Madam Teresa Wiles – Member

Representative/MNG Gold

Mining Company – Member

Representative/Mittal Steel

Liberia – Member

Representative/China Union – Member

Representative/Center for

Agriculture Research Institute

(CARI) – Member


Commission on Higher

Education – Member

President/Bong Community

Technical College – Secretary

Center for Agriculture Research

Institute Board

Mrs. Alice Quire- Yancy – Chairperson

Representative/ United States

Agency for International

Development (USAID) – Statutory Member


Union – Statutory Member

Hon. Samuel D. Tweah, Jr. – Statutory Member

Hon. Dr. Magana Flomo, JR. – Statutory Member

Sanoyea Chiefdom

Moses Nupolu – Paramount Chief

Sanoyea Clan

Bendu Kerkulah – General Town Chief

Junior Giddings – General Town Chief

Bonkomu Clan

Moses Mason – Clan Chief

Horace Flomo – General Town Chief

Moses B. Elkines – General Town Chief

Boryorma Clan

Jerry Momah – Clan Chief

Edward Lepolu – General Town Chief

Dingma Clan

Joseph Mulbah – Clan Chief

Rufus Kolleh – General Town Chief

Andy Flomo – General Town Chief

Walapolu Chiefdom

Aaron Gboteh – Paramount Chief

Walapolu Clan

Waysiah Nana – Clan Chief

Samuel F. Dennis – General Town Chief

Menguelleh Clan

Garmah W. Weefah – General Town Chief

Nyailai Clan

  1. Boimah Singbah – General Town Chief

Zaweakomu Clan

John Kollie – Clan Chief

William Yeakai – General Town Chief

Dobli Clan

James S. Kollibah – Clan Chief

Anthony Gray – General Town Chief

Yarbayou Clan

Sackie Gbawon – Clan Chief

Jackson Kote – General Town Chief

Nyanforquelleh Chief

Paul Getee – Paramount Chief

Nyanforquelleh Clan

Jartu Wennie – Clan Chief

Daniel Jonny – General Town Chief

Kpatolee Clan

Joshua Binda – Clan Chief

Augustine Sinatuah – General Town Chief

Kornwolayala Clan

Robert Yuoway – General Town Chief

Jorquelleh Administrative District-2

Henson Gweh – Paramount Chief

Gbanshua Clan

Bill Kollie – Clan Chief

James Paye – General Town Chief

Samuel Logan – General Town Chief

Redy Jacob – General Town Chief

Monnta Clan

Augustine Kermu – Clan Chief

Jerry Vah – General Town Chief

John Baimah – General Town Chief

Shasue Clan

Koryor Flomo – Clan Chief

James Kerkulah – General Town Chief

Kollie Varpilah – General Town Chief

James Koweh – General Town Chief

Joseph Yarkpawolo – General Town Chief

Zota Clan

Kerkulah Cooper – General Town Chief

Lorpu Bedell – General Town Chief

Gwilapolu Clan

Flomo G. Yarkpawolo – General Town Chief

Ernest Bettay – General Town Chief

Kpaquillie Clan

Isaac Malayea – Clan Chief

Henry Suah – General TownChief

Tungbaiyah Clan

Vai Beai – Clan Chief

Garyea Clan

Moses W. Flomo – General Town Chief

Harry Daikor – General Town Chief

Nyamai Gonkpahn – General Town Chief

Anthony Faijue – General Town Chief

Yandiwouan Clan

Obediah  Pawell – Clan Chief

Binda Kollie – General Town Chief

Wilmot Mcgill – General Town Chief

Suakoko Chiefdom

Stephen F. Kupaquelleh – Paramount Chief

Suakoko Clan

Willie Juah – General Town Chief

Kerkulah Kelemee – General Town Chief

James K. Gono – General Town Chief

Kporyorquelleh Clan

Nathaniel M. Mulba – General Town Chief

Kpatawee Clan

Menpakeh Darwokalar – Paramount Chief

Kpaai Chiefdom

Garison Tetteh – Paramount Chief

Waytua Clan

  1. Harry M. Mbetor – Clan Chief

Moses Kollie  –  General Town Chief

David Kenyean – General Town Chief

Dorris Dolokellen – General Town Chief

Wolata Clan

Joseph Kermue – General Town Chief

Freeman Nypen – General Town Chief

Panta Chiefdom

Eugene Paye – Paramount Chief

Panta Clan

Samuel Gomoh – Clan Chief

Senwein Clan

Solomon Gibson – General Town Chief

Boinwein Clan

Cooper Nomdia – Clan Chief

Kokoyah Chiefdom

Junior Tarr – Paramount Chief

Quikon Clan

Sackie Quellemene – Clan Chief

Joseph Kerkulah – General Town Chief

Yellequelleh Chiefdom

Johnny Cooper——–Paramount Chief

Judiciary Branch

Atty. Sam Mamulu – Clerk/ Supreme Court of Liberia

Meanwhile, these appointments are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate where applicable.

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