Liberian Journalist Joe Bartuah Authors New Book In U. S.

By J. Grody Dorbor / African Star Online | USA |

Author Joseph Bartuah

The former Editor-in-Chief of the News Newspaper, a Liberian daily, Mr. Joseph Bartuah has written a 400-page book entitled “An Agenda for Better Liberia: A Common Sense Approach to Nation-Building.”

On Saturday, November 3, 2018, Mr. Bartuah who appeared filled with joy and happiness took delivery of 100 copies of his book from the publishing house, Kiiton Press in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Speaking at a brief but impressive ceremony, Mr. Bartuah, used the occasion to call on Liberians to begin supporting one another and engage in collaboration which will yield mutual empowerment to create a middle class to sustain the Liberian economy.

Mr. Bartuah also appealed to the Liberian Government to formulate prudent public policies that will lead to the creation of a potent and formidable middle class in the West African country. “When the government supports it citizenry, and they become economically empowered, they will be able to pay their taxes into government revenue,” Mr. Bartuah said.

And through that Mr. Bartuah said, government will be able to generate the needed revenue to undertake multiple development projects, leading to the “creation of more jobs for Liberians.”

The consignment of Bartuah’s printed new books

The author asserted that it is disappointing that most of the text books used in Liberian schools are written by foreigner authors, and expressed the hope that the National Legislature could enact a law which would mandate that  25 per cent of text books that are used in the Liberian schools, colleges and universities be authored by Liberian writers, stressing that, “This will not empower Liberian writers but will also inspire future writers and students to become authors.”

According to him, another way to empower Liberians, is for the Liberian Government to ensure that most of the construction contracts are awarded to foreign companies, be, instead, given to Liberian contractors. He added, “If a typical project is so sophisticated that Liberian construction companies do not have the requisite equipment or expertise than at least 25 per cent of the project work, like the carpentry jobs or masonry jobs should be subcontracted to Liberian Construction Company.” With this approach, Mr. Bartuah observed, the government will be empowering it people.

Mr. Bartuah who holds a Master of Science Degree in Public Affairs and International Relations from the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America urged the George Weah Administration to come up with policies that will empower the Liberian people aimed at creating a viable, a potent, and formidable middle class in our country. “I penned this book because I want to see a better Liberia. I think the series of policy proposals that I made, if taken into consideration and implemented with some modifications, will improve Liberia,” the Liberian author said.

Readership of this book, according to Mr. Bartuah who hails from northeastern Nimba County in Liberia, is not restricted to only policy makers and government officials “…but every citizen of the Republic of Liberia who is advised to get a copy of the book and read it,” adding, “The book is intended for Liberians.” He commended the Kiiton Press for doing such a professional work with the preparation and publication of his book.

Earlier, Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr, CEO, Founder, Publisher and President of Kiiton Press expressed gratitude to Mr. Joseph Bartuah for entrusting the Kiiton Press with the publication of the book.

Dr. Taryor described Mr. Bartuah’s book as a “fine book,” and he noted, “Eventually this book will become a classic. It will be used year after years because its content are not only about politics but historical too.” He also said the book is a “great resource” and encouraged every Liberian to buy it. The publisher informed author Mr. Bartuah that his book has been registered with the Library of Congress.

Making remarks, Mr. Yarka Forkpa, former Deputy Managing Director for Administration, National Port Authority of Liberia, lauded Mr. Bartuah for writing a book that will benefit Liberians and future generations.

Mr. Forkpa expressed the hope that Weah-led government will use the proposed polices in the book as a foundation to develop good public policies for Liberia. He encouraged every Liberian to get a copy of this book and read it and went ahead and even purchased a copy.

Meanwhile, the official launching of the new literary effort by Mr. Bartuah will be announced later. The 400-page book will be sold $35.00 a copy.

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