“Liberian Gov’t Uses Stealing As Domestic Policy And Begging As Foreign Policy” – NDC National Chairman Alaric Tokpa

Comtributed by Fatoumata Njei

Professor Alaric Tokpa

The National Chairman of the National Democratic Coalition (NDC) has said that, “the domestic policy of the Liberian government is based on Stealing and its foreign policy based on Begging.”

Professor Alaric Tokpa made the statement during his weekly podcast series recently to draw attention to the high level of corruption and mismanagement of state resources by the Weah government as well as its strategy to weaken the opposition by using paid agents.

The professor averred that, “part of the cause of the problems we face in Liberia is the government that is wicked, that is insensitive, that is roguish and uses stolen money to buy individuals in the opposition to create confusion in the opposition.”

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