Liberian Gov’t Issues Call For Expression Of Interest In Iconic Ducor Hotel

Ducor Hotel Palace

(LINA) – The Government of Liberia through the National Investment Commission (NIC) has made a call for Expression of Interest (EoI) to Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT), refurbish or rebuild and manage the iconic Ducor Inter-Continental Hotel (DCH) in Monrovia, the nation’s capital.

Accordingly, Prospective Developers are expected to respond to the EoI by close of business day on or before Wednesday, August 29, 2019 at 5:00 p.m., local Liberian time.

The request states that proposals must include a cover letter indicating interest to participate in the BOOT; profile of the company making the bid and other partners, if applicable.

Specifically, if the proposal is to be a Consortium formed for the purpose of bidding for the DCH, each firm in the Consortium should provide information on its principal business and the length of time that it has been in operation.

Shareholding structure of Consortium (where applicable); audited financial statement of the Firm and each member of the Consortium (where applicable); statement of financial capability, including access to capital (debt or equity) of the firm and the Consortium (where applicable); as well as a financial proposal (estimated amount of the cost of demolishing and rebuilding the DCH) and of the Consortium (where applicable).

A statement of performance capability that includes an overview of project experiences,  management and expertise; technical proposal (to include, a proposed sketch/design for the new DCH); commitment to work with the Government of Liberia in settling the outstanding financial  obligations of the DCH, are also required. In this regard, suitors are advised to address inquiries to the National Investment Commission at (

Would-be bidders are to disclose potential conflicts of interest, if any; provide business registration of firm and local partner (s), if any; and international accreditations and certifications of good standing as required for  both the firm and consortium (if applicable) as well as Organizational Structure of the firm submitting the proposal.

Prospective bidder or consortium must be an established recognized brand with strong presence in Africa, USA and Europe, while the Brand must have a chain of hotels, resorts and experience in managing four to five-star hotels, lodges and casino resorts in key tourism and business locations worldwide.

The EoI requires Prospective Bidder to also have unique qualities and passion for promoting tourism in Liberia and incorporating modern and state-of-the-art facilities whilst maintaining and promoting Liberian culture and heritage.

It states that specifically, the company must have skills, experience and background in hospitality and tourism; property development, management and ownership; financial and advisory services; lifestyle and membership benefits and creating sustainable lasting urban and rural developments.

The prospective bidder will need expertise in architectural and professional services; contractors and subcontractor; purchasing and logistics; and description of the Scope of Services, according to the EoI outline.

It says the following is a summary of the assignment — Assignment Type of Project Infrastructure & Tourism; Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT); Public Private Partnership/ Long Term Lease; construction of a Five Star, 200-bedroom Hotel, inclusive of casino and other amenities.

Constructed in the early 1960s, the DCH was recognized internationally as a four-star hotel and is situated on Ducor Hill, the northern most point of Cape Montserrado, and occupies about 8.19 acres of land.

The land rises about 150ft above the Atlantic Ocean, thus providing a panoramic view of the City of Monrovia.

In the past, the DCH catered to international and domestic travellers – including Heads of State, and high-power diplomatic entourages, and was also famous for its iconic historical landmarks – an Olympic-sized swimming pool and tennis court.

With the cessation of the Liberian civil crisis, the hotel was abandoned and the structural integrity of the building compromised.

Today, the edifice of the DCH still stands in extensive disrepair.

Accordingly, the Government of Liberia is seeking an Investor to refurbish and/or  reconstruct this historical facility and to help meet the demand for hotel services in Liberia that is rising and influenced by mounting economic activities, after more than a decade of peace and stability and a Government Agenda that  targets the tourism sector as one of its major Pillars.

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