Liberian Gov’t Commits To Upholding ECOWAS Protocols

The Deputy Minister for Manpower Development at the Ministry of Labour, Atty. Phil Dixon, has reiterated the Liberian Government is committed to implementing the ECOWAS Protocol on Free Movement of Persons.

Minister Dixon stressed that the implementation of the ECOWAS protocol is crucial for the integration of citizens within the sub-region.

The Deputy Labour minister made the remarks Wednesday at a one-day National discussion on Internal and Regional Migration, Causes and Effects and the implementation of the ECOWAS Protocols on Free Movement of Persons organized by the National Coalition of Civil Society Organizations of Liberia (NACCSOL) held at local hotel in Sinkor.

He noted that the ECOWAS Protocol on free movement of persons is vital to know the status of other ECOWAS citizens residing in Liberia and if they are being treated well, according to the protocol which was established in 1975.

He indicated that some ECOWAS citizens who are residing in Liberia are paying less amount for ECOWAS work permit compared to other aliens or foreigners residing in the country.

Minister Dixon maintained that the opportunities that Liberia provides for other ECOWAS citizens should be also given to Liberians residing other countries in the sub-region.

In remarks, the Coordinator of the Project on Free Movement of Persons, Mr. Cecil B. Griffiths, said the project is intended to create awareness of ECOWAS Protocol on free movement of persons.

Coordinator Griffiths stated that the awareness also looks at human trafficking, child labour and exploitation by members of civil society organizations and the media.

He noted that human trafficking can ne internal and external, and local civil society organizations should assist international partners such as ECOWAS and the International Organization of Migration to battle person trafficking in Liberia.


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