Liberian Doctor Studying In Cardiothoracic Surgery In Ethiopia Cries For Financial Assistance

Dr. Jonathan Minagogo Hart

A Liberian medical doctor furthering his medical study in Cardiothoracic Surgery (Heart, Lungs and diseases of the chest) at the Addis Ababa University, Dr. Jonathan Minagogo Hart is appealing to individuals and  humanitarian organizations in Liberia to come to his rescue in order to settle his financial obligation for the continuation of his medical study in that country.

Dr. Hart speaking to the GNN via whatsApp during the week disappointingly said he and other two Liberians doctors admission were secured, and were promised scholarships from the Liberia College of Physicians and Surgeons, but were later informed that there was no money for them to continue their study.

He disclosed that as a result of this, his two friends could not travel for the study,  but with the help of a family in that country came to his rescue, noting  that currently this is his second year of the program, with only a fraction of the fees has been paid.

Dr. Hart said the tuition of US$26,270.00  excluding rent and transportation, only USD3,520.00  has been paid out of the total fees, this he noted has made him to be downhearted as a result of no support from his home country, Liberia.

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