Liberian Cleric Complains Brussels Flight #0241 For Stolen, Damaged Items Onboard

Mulbah F. Zayzay (Rev.)

Several individuals who booked the SN Brussels Flight Number 0241 from the United States to Liberia on July 18, 2018 were victimized when their luggage bags were broken into leaving several of their valuables stolen by unknown individuals at the Robert International Airport.

One of the victims, Rev. Mulbah F. Zayzay who spoke to the GNN via an exclusive interview, said he was among several others including an American lady who came to Liberia for the first time onboard the flight were severely affected when many of their luggages were burst into taken away everything .

Some of the Items Stolen: Children cloths, adult under wears, and waist watches

Rev. Zayzay who appeared disturbed during the interview said many of the items stolen were given to him in the United States by people for their friends and relatives back home (Liberia), but unfortunately those things were stolen, a situation he said caused him embarrassment pondering over what to tell those who were to receive their items from their friends and relatives in the United States.

He said he made several contacts with a lady who claimed to be an employee at SN Brussels in Liberia only identified as Mrs. Richann Talo via mobile phone who assured him that her  situation will channeled his complains to the headquarter of the airline for a possible redress.

“I am indeed concerned about one of the victims, an American woman who came to Liberia for the first time and had to go through this ugly situation; what took place at the airport is not healthy for Liberia,,” Zayzay told GNN in a state of disappointment.

Effort by the GNN to contact Mrs. Richann Talo at the SN Brussels Monrovia office proved unsuccessful as her mobile phone rang endlessly.

Investigation continues.

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