Liberian City Mayors Around The Country Call For Capital Punishment For Rapists

Jefferson Koijee, Monrovia City Mayor and President of the Liberia Mayors Association

As Liberians are preparing to protest against people who are committing rape and sodomy around the country on Thursday, August 27, 2020, to call on the Liberian government to spell out its position as to what must be done to those involve in such heinous acts.

Cities Mayors from around the country over the weekend called for a ‘Capital Punishment’ for those who are involved in such acts and also urged the general public to join them in their quest.

Speaking on behalf of the Association of Mayors of Liberia, its Secretary General Emmanuel Gould said the people of Liberia must wakeup in this drive, describing such acts on the part of these rapists as evil.

Over the past years there a huge numbers of people who have been committing rape and sodomy; raping children under age, and sodomizing young boys, a situation that has given rise for a nationwide protest against these heinous crimes that are damaging young people.

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