LIBERIA: Woman Suffering From Serious Breast Disease Makes SOS Call

An appeal posted on social media by Elijah Boimah Station Manager of D-1 Radio FM 106.9Mhz crave for the serious intervention of humanitarian individuals to come the aid of this young women who is urgently in need of medical attention.

Boimah in his Face Book post said, “She can’t sleep! For several months now, she has been living in real pain. She would cry all nights till Her cries take her to sleep. That is Her normal sleep line from Monday to Sunday without much remedy.

This is Lil Watta Boimah (no relation to Elijah Boimah). Ma Watta, as she’s commonly called was a pupil of the Fahn Badah Public School at Lofa Bridge during last Academic Year 2021 – 2022. By then, she was in the 7th grade class and she was a residence of Lofa Bridge.

School life with she and her friends was okay till Her mother passed off a certain point in time last year. And as the youngest daughter of three girls, she had to go over to Gohn Bardono Town, Kposo Clan, Porkpa District (her home town) to lay her mother to rest. Yes, she did.

But, after the funeral, according to what we have gathered, it didn’t take long, Watta Boimah started to feel something usual. Her breast started to itch. It seems normal anyway from the onset. But, later did she know that I would have deprived her from happy life.

Like anyone, once a part of your body itch, you will need to rub it. And so whenever it started itching, Watta would rub it as long as possible to ease the itch. And that was the start of a swollen breast (breast defect).

It’s been over five months ago. NOW, 17yrs old Ma Watta is left with one abnormal breast (big) and a normal one.

But, what is the cause?

Well, according to what D-1 Radio has gathered, several traditional checks pointed to African science but none had been able to rescue Watta from the pain she feels everyday. Her father is aged. He cannot move anymore. In fact, D-1 Radio had to move over to His room to speak with Him on his sick bed.

Other members of the Boimah’s have tried and they can try no more because they don’t have the financial strength to do otherwise.

This is a passionate plead to everyone of you serving humanity out there. Please folks, if you can, pls help a young Liberian girl that cannot go to school today because of something she got no idea of. We will appreciate whatever contribution you can make in getting Ma Watta to seek medical attention rather then family members playing around the illness in the name of sand cutting and herbalism and yet no remedy.

To contribute or for more inquiry, I’m here:

Elijah Boimah


D-1 Radio FM 106.9Mhz

0886825012 / 0775202215

Let’s save another life together!

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