LIBERIA: Why Are APM Terminals Refusing To Pay Its Former Employees?

APMT Head, Jonathan Graham

The APM Terminals Liberia is reportedly refusing to pay its former employees the balance 50 percent of their annual allowance, thereby disrespecting its own timetable agreed upon.

In 2018, the company made the first payment but since then it has reneged to make the second one thus dragging its feet disregarding its own commitment.

Fortnight ago, Terminals cleared (paid) whatever obligations it had had to 300 employees in similar fashion but does not want to do the same to those outside (former) perhaps on ground that they do not pose any threats.

When the Terminals’ Human Resource Manager, Samuel T. Duo instead of the General Manager, Jonathan Graham, was reached to comment on the issues at the bar he claimed not to be aware.

However, Duo was quick to have stated: “If any employee both present and former has any problem with the company, he or she should get to it instead of going to the media particular newspaper whose stories are life time.”

“If you worked with a company and you are retired but have any problem, it would be good to go to the company and talk. Notwithstanding, I am not sure that I have information about what you are asking about,” Duo noted.

In the foregoing, documents seen by this paper speak to the fact that the company is refusing to make the balance payment of annual allowance to those it deemed surplus to requirements from 2015 to 2020.

According to one former employee now residing in the United States  and does not want to be named,  said when their matter was taken to the Labour Ministry, Terminals was judged guilty but it does not want to be a respecter of the law.

For the food allowance, the source accused the company of stealing from them because the money that should be given to them has been converted to a coupon telling them to go to the supermarket and take any amount of goods equivalent to US$300.

“Not everybody likes imported food. I was born and raised in Bahn, Nimba County, before coming to Monrovia to be schooled at higher level therefore, the letter in no way suggests that I do not know where I came from,” the source noted.

In a published document recently issued by the APM Terminals in Monrovia titled:  “Payment of Retroactive Annual Leave Allowance and Food Allowance for Employees,” said among many things that to be considered eligible for the annual leave allowance, you must be former employee of APM Terminals Liberia.

While to be eligible for food allowance, one must have been in the employ of APM terminal between July 2015 to September, 2021.

On the question of what salary will be used for leave allowance calculation?, APM Terminals Liberia said for former employees, there will be two salaries used. December salary for every eligible year and the last salary those former employees were paid before their exit from the Terminals.

The company is enjoying a 25 years tax waiver granted it by the government to manage container or cargo at the Freeport of Monrovia but since then, its employees both present and former and it continues to be in wahalala every nowadays.

Terminals is an international container terminal operating company headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands. It is one of the world’s largest port and terminal operators as well as providing cargo support and container Inland Services.

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