LIBERIA: ‘Weah Step Down’ Protest May Not Hold On Schedule, As Chief Patron Expresses Frustration

Henry P. Costa

The highly anticipated December 30th, 2019 ‘Weah Step Down’ Protest to be organized by the Council of Patriots (CoP) may not take place on schedule as the chief organizer of the CoP, Mr. Henry Costa is expressing frustration on Liberians who he said deserve the current hardship being faced with.

Speaking on his regular Talk Show; the Costa Show via Roots FM from the United States of America yesterday, October 2, 2019, Mr. Costa who sounded frustrated and disappointed said Liberians were not noticing the important of the upcoming protest, and therefore he was not interested to go further.

Recently at a well-attended news conference the organizers of the Save-the-state announced another protest for December 30, 2019 to call on President Weah to step down, but this call was rejected by the Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL), one of the major players in the June 7 Save-the-State protest drawing a line of demarcation from the Council of Patriots’ recent call for a December 30th Weah Step Down protest.

In a statement, the EFFL urged Liberians to resist recent pronouncement by the Council of Patriots to stage an unending protest beginning December 30, 2019 calling for the  resignation of President Weah as President of the Republic of Liberia; describes such action as “Anti-Democratic and Season Hustle”.

The EFFL says on June 25, 2019, it withdrew its support and membership from the COP based on five (5) reasons and up to now still believe that those reasons are sufficient enough to resisting their ‘season hustle’ called protest.

The EFFL cited among other things, COP’s failure to appropriately exonerate the group from allegations of financial malpractices; Disrespect and Wanton disregard for the people’s popular will; Self-Glorification and Popularity seeking; Failure of the current COP Leadership to step down and COP’s Leadership betrayal of Representative Yekeh Kolubah.

The EFFL said as a radical and socialist political institution, it is not against a protest because it is one of the key factors in building a strong democracy but is however against self-interest and politically motivated protests that are organized in the name of the masses without direct benefits to the very masses. “Fellow Citizens, what has been the COP official position regarding the cancellation of the three (3) days calls service by the government of Liberia through Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA)?  Is the COP selective on issues because of certain business interest against the ordinary Liberians? These are questions we must ask ourselves and the COP.”

The EFFL statement added that history has proven that politically motivated protest only benefits the organizers and not the ordinary people-the case with the June 7. “More besides, for the past decades in Africa, no struggle aimed at calling for resignation of a sitting President ended well.”

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