LIBERIA: ‘We Will Not Allow Unwarranted Attack On Prince Johnson’ – Nimba for Gongloe Warns Government

Press Release

A group of Nimbians under the banner Nimba for Gongloe, said it is troubled by recent assertion made by the County’s godfather, Prince Yormie Johnson over allegation that the Government of Liberia has hacked plan to assassinate him.

Nimba for Gongloe said in time past under what they termed bad leaders, Nimbains were brutally murdered and as such will no longer sit on the fence to allow unwarranted attack on any single Nimbain.

The statement was read by Attorney Lawrence Tomah, Chairman of the group at the Mamadee Diakiaty Intellectual forum in St. Francis community in Paynesville, Sunday February 5, 2023.

Atty. Lawrence called on the Weah led government to launch a transparent investigation into the matter with the involvement of the media, Civil Society Organizations as well as the International Community in order to prove Senator Johnson allegations wrong or true.

He said if the government does not probe the matter to a logical conclusion then it suggests that the claim is true because “what are not rebutted and denied are deem admitted.”

“Nimba suffered enough in this country in the hands of bad leaders and will no longer sit on the fence to allow such unwarranted, wicked, brutal and unwholesome acts to repeat itself,” Atty Lawrence warned.

Nimba for Gongloe maintained that every Liberian has unhindered and unrestricted rights to associate and disassociate from any political affiliation guaranteed by the constitution of Liberia.

Chairman Lawrence asserted that Sen. Prince Johnson’s withdrawing from the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) does not warrant intimidation, attacks, threats and assassination.

At the same time, Nimba for Gongloe has joined ranked with Sen. Johnson calling on the government to publish the “Turn –Over Note” of the Unity Party (UP) led government in order to prove his assertion wrong or right as the document will provide detail clarity on the claim of a broken economy as well as the empty cover inherited the CDC led government.

At the same time, Nimba for Gongloe has condemned what they called brutal attack on a peaceful citizen of Saclepea by the Chairman of Liberty Party in Nimba on allegation of tearing down Mr. Musa Bility’s billboard.

According to them, the Liberty Party Chairman Mr. Paul Wehyee attack on Mr. Alfred Graie Wonleh, who is also an aspirant in District #7 Nimba County has the propensity to cause chaos in the county as Liberians head to the crucial October 10, 2023 polls in Liberia.

Atty. Lawrence called the on the Liberty Party to not instigate elections violence that will cause panic amongst the people particularly in Nimba, and called on the LNP to arrest the perpetrators while executing fair legal redress to the matter.

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  1. Melvin Zogbay says

    I told Bility on social media before, those people around him currently are not good people. I appreciate his many developments, but with those around him in district 7 his chances of winning is slim. He needs people with good can’t have a set of rude people and believe to succeed.

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