‘We Did Not Pollute Water, EPA Must Robustly Investigate’ – Bea Mountain Demands

Mr. Reza Karimiyan, General Manager Bea Mountain Mining Corperation

Recent allegation leveled against the Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (BMMC) operating in western Liberia, specifically in Grand Cape Mount County to provide mining services that the company is in the business to pollute rivers that has resulted  to the killing of fishes and others has  been publicly described as fallacy with no iota of truth.

GNN investigation into this allegation gathered that such misleading information was programed by detractors whose interest is to bring BMMC into public disrepute, aimed at creating misunderstanding and confusion between the company and the locals.

Despite BMMC’s quest to call on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to professionally launch an investigation into this matter in order to prove the accusers and accused wrong as to the matter of facts surrounding the reported pollution of waters in that part of the country, this allegation continues to widen in the public space.

It has been observed by investigation conducted by our team of reporters assigned in the county, it was observed that the management of Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (BMMC) has open its corridor in finding the facts relating to the allegations of ‘Water pollution’ which has reportedly led to the mysterious killings of fishes in local rivers of the county.

This reported allegation has reached the grounds of the Capitol Building, the official offices of the Liberian lawmakers who are now expressing serious concern by publicly inviting both the BMMC Management and the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to explain the ‘Pros and Cons’ as it relate to water pollution in that part of the country.

This alleged water pollution also drew the attention of the BMMC by immediately issuing a press statement this week to deny such allegation of ‘Water Pollution by BMMC’ noting that “The management of Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (BMMC) has categorically rubbished media reports alleging water pollution which has reportedly resulted to the death of fish and other species in the Mafa River streams in Grand Cape Mount County. We wishes to inform the public that no abnormal conditions have taken place in its plant, noting further that there is also no discharge from the plant, stressing that “All protocols in keeping with EPA guidelines and best practice are intact.”

“However, we have sent a specialist environmental team to investigate the allegations of pollution in the surrounding water streams. In furtherance to the steps taken above, BMMC has also engaged an independent government-certified laboratory to collect samples from the areas that are reported to be impacted. BMMC will keep the public informed on the results of all investigations that are underway,” the release added.

In the interim, the release furthered, “BMMC will continue to support its neighboring communities to ensure their safety as relates to the incident until clarity is derived from these investigations. Having notified the EPA of the incident, BMMC most welcome the EPA’s response to dispatch a team on site to investigate these allegations. BMMC remains supportive and will continue to cooperate with authorities at every stage where needed,” the release concluded.

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